Feb 24

4 ramens a day.
for the rest of my life: ~60 years.
$0.14 per unit of ramen.
60 * 365.24 * 4 * 0.14 = $12,272.10 to eat for the rest of your natural life.

This weekend I went home and went to McKay. I got 8 books and 11 cds for $21. Rock on! I finally have reading material again.

I went to the Saturn dealer at around 9am saturday. I bought a new window switch. Walked out to the parking lot, plugged it in, it didn’t fix my window. Walked back inside, asked to return it. “It’s an electronic part and has been installed. We can’t sell it again.” So there goes $98.

Went right over to the Acura place to test drive an RSX-S. Of course when he found out I wasn’t going to buy one (do I look like I have $24K in my pocket??) he didn’t even bother. So I didn’t get to:( Did get to get in it and play around a little bit. What a beautiful, beautiful machine. he probably also didn’t want somebody who looks like I do into a 200hp 6 speed in the rain. I was really misleading too, I said I was 4th year (not a senior), he asked if I was graduating in may, I said “I’m going extra” he was like “when are you graduating” and I said “I’m graduating in december.” which was true. just not december of this year. oh well. maybe somebody down here will let me do it.

My mom got me 2 new lego sets. I was happy.

I’m working on maes2. Coming along.

Eric’s dad got a brand new Mercedes tuesday. they went out of town, to come back today (sunday). Friday a tree fell on it and crushed it. It was amazing. I mean, a tragedy….but still. I had to stare for a while.

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