Sep 08

OOOOH I forgot.  I also got pierced again.

Amanda used to have quite a few piercings, most of which she got at piercing experience, where I go (if you know me very well, you know how adamant I am about going there:) ).  so anyway, she still has 8ga plugs in her ears, and I was realizing how much I like them.

sooooo…. one night when she slept on my couch, I got back from classes at noon and we went down to PE.  he didn’t have her plugs anymore, so I was kinda sad.  but then he pulls out 8ga glass plugs, and I was like “heck yeah!”  so he shoved 8ga needles through my ears, and yay I had plugs.  it didn’t hurt too bad, I almost wish I got it done at 6.  but whatever.  I do plan on stretching, but only to 4, or maybe 2.  I don’t like huge plugs, and I want them to shrink back when I outgrow piercings in a coupla years.  I went swimming like 3 days in a row just a couple days after getting them, which is a no-no.  And the right ear kept getting hit.  so it stayed pretty swollen, right?  so on like a monday morning I woke up, and the big end of the plug, the front, was sunken inside my ear.  I went to brian as soon as he opened and he shoved it back through, it hurt a lot.  It bled a bit.  emily accidently hit it last saturday when I was in ringgold, and sunday it was back inside my ear when I woke up.  I shoved it back through….it hurt a lot again.  aaaand it happened once again.  but anyway, I think it’s getting close to healing.  my left one sunk in once, but it didn’t bleed.  it’s kinda good, cause it means my earlobes are pretty stretchy.  ANYWAY here’s a crappy cell-phone picture, and I was making a funny face.  and that’s that.

(haha ok I didn’t realize I had already posted a plugs story.  oh well.)

6 Responses to “I’d live for your smile and die for your kiss”

  1. minthoney says:

    Yeah I used to be SO punk. Not. But I did have a lot of metal…


    It is late but I don’t work in the morning and want something to do but don’t want to drive to Atlanta or Athens. Too bad we were busy today and I didn’t get out until late. I SHOULD clean my room and %@$&.

    You made me feel like I brought the best out of you. 😉

  2. progoth says:

    aww well maybe you did 🙂

    you surely brought /something/ out of me that nobody’s ever seen….

  3. minthoney says:

    Steven. How come I don’t know when you reply to my comments. Shouldn’t it somehow let me know? This is why you need to write in Live Journal. I didn’t know you had responded to me in here.

    And I wish I still did to you what I used to. 🙁

  4. progoth says:

    hrm, good point. I shall add it soon. I hadn’t even thought of that. yes. it emails me when there’s a new comment. ok anyway.

    I’m sure you still do, if we ever got to hang out. but noooo 🙁

  5. minthoney says:

    You’re still my favorite. 🙂

  6. progoth says:

    awwww, isn’t that sweet 🙂

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