Oct 06

ok anyway I don’t have much to say I don’t guess.

amanda came over and I finally got to see her, it was good.

I got a jacket from 1984 from the thrift store.

I wanted the book Desperation, I found it at the used book store in hardback in perfect condition with beautiful cover art for ONE DOLLAR. yes.

I found 2 aquabats cds at the used book store they make me chuckle.

I have a test tonight.

oh, if you haven’t noticed there’s a subscribe link above. be notified when I post! yay! or something.

I finally got my amazon order from august. anger.

I’m tired.

I met emily’s family this weekend, that was an adventure. it was good, her mom loves me. maybe. I love her anyway.

I’m starving.

new matchbook romance is disappointing. to me. they even managed to make the greatest fall a little bit not as good. it’s on maes/maes2.

One Response to “um”

  1. emily says:

    i found one of the aquabats cds for you. bleh. my mother does love you. as long as you kill her if her hair ever looks like aunt sarah’s or aunt fairra’s. im glad you love my mother. just dont let your love for her get bigger than your love for me.

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