Oct 28

I’m taking paid vacation days monday and tuesday to have a 4 day weekend, go to ringgold, vote, and see emily. hmmm….emily and i have been together for well over a year now…how time slips by.

I wanted to take a time out to say this: don’t vote.  If you’re ignorant of the issues, but hey it’s “cool” to hate Bush, MTV says vote him out of office, so you will…that’s just idiotic.  I can respect people who have a difference of opinion with me…every day I debate with thomas and sam and caleb.  Thom and leb think totally opposite of me, and I disagree with them, but they actually pay attention to what’s going on, and do research.  Sam thinks opposite of me most of the time, but admits when he doesn’t know something or doesn’t care, and isn’t going to vote, in fact.  All these kids that think it’s cool to hate bush just make me want to scream.  Most of them have no idea about anything.

I also hate commercials geared towards kids that say “educate yourself and vote!” and then point to their liberal websites.

So if you’re going to vote…educate yourself.  And I’m going to give you the best resource I have ever found… factcheck.org.  When people are arguing with me, they usually point me to biased sources.  factcheck.org, I believe, does not fall into the “biased” category.  For one, they bash both sides.  Second, they’re from a university…and I’ve never heard of a single conservative non-private university…so I would guess that they’d be biased to the left, if anything.  Third, and MOST IMPORTANT, is that they give references for all of their articles so you can validate their claims, and the articles not only say WHAT they’re claiming, but WHY.  I urge you to go and just browse through the articles, they’re very interesting.  Both sides twist the truth by misleading and being selective, but so far I haven’t read any articles about outright lies from the right.  Regardless, if you’re going to vote, don’t get all your information from “rock the vote” or “punkvoter.com” or rush limbaugh or fox news (yes duh fox news is to the right, people should drop it…cause duh EVERY OTHER SOURCE IS FAR LEFT) or johnkerry.com or georgewbush.com.  Get unbiased information, check facts, even listen to both sides.  Seriously, it astounds me…yes, both sides are going to twist things to their advantage…but the amount of PROVEN bold-faced lies on, for instance, punkvoter.com fliers is just ridiculous.  I seriously laughed quite a few times while reading them.  Oh, the impressionable ignorant youth…

So far as I go, you know already.  I don’t think Bush has done the best job in the past 4 years, and I don’t even really support the iraq ordeal.  But I think he will do a lot better after november 2nd because he won’t have to pander to both sides to try to get re-elected.  Also, don’t forget that even kerry’s beloved U.N. has stated that nerve gasses and chemical agents that iraq had have gone missing…NO, NO TIES TO TERRORISTS AT ALL, THOSE SEMI TRUCKS ALWAYS GOING TO SUDAN DON’T MEAN ANYTHING.

OK i’m done.  don’t vote if you’re ignorant.  And if “bush is an idiot” then tell me why.  I bet you that you’re wrong.  I don’t accept “he can’t speak correctly” because neither can I in front of people…and I’m no idiot.  I can prove both of those to you (embarassing videos of me trying to speak in front of a group, and my various skills/grades/accomplishments/test scores).  Not speaking well isn’t a sign of intelligence.  However, speaking well sure CAN be a sign of a slick and shifty politician.  Who’s the best speakers?  That’s right…used car salesmen.

OH also i wanted to post about my new Philips DVP642.  It is awesome.  I sold my playstation since I don’t play games and it was a crappy dvd player, and bought this one.  It plays practically anything you put in it, including XviD with AC3 surround sound (if the XviD isn’t using a special matrix), or DivX files or mpegs and of course dvds on any medium (ROM R RW), and it looks nice and it has component out if you have an expensive tv and I like it.  and it’s cool. and it’s $63 at amazon. and it’s way past my bedtime.

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  1. emily says:

    and the Philips DVP642 looks really neat too.

  2. progoth says:

    oh yeah, i was gonna say that, but i forgot

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