Apr 22

I think I titled another post a long time ago all good things have endings. Or something close to that. This morning I realized it was from the get up kids’ song forgive and forget.

I was moving stuff from one pair of jeans to another this morning and apparently I forgot my wallet.

I was going to get a bite to eat from the student center, got up to pay, and my wallet wasn’t in my pocket. I was like “oh crap” but I didn’t really know what to do. I told the lady sorry, i forgot my wallet, and then left my food sitting there and walked away. haha. my keys are on my wallet, so I was locked out. Not a huge deal, but apparently now they require your student ID to give you a spare key…which of course is in my wallet. they quizzed me about my room number and student ID # and roommate’s name and stuff and finally gave me a key.

I’m getting things out of order. I walked out of the student center and headed back to west campus. I was halfway back or so when the wind started blowing so hard it was hard to walk and crap was getting in my eyes and stuff. So needless to say by the time i got to the housing office I was soaked thoroughly. I walked in and they were all freaking out at how wet i was. I’m just glad I had the foresight to move my ibook power adaptor from the outside pocket of my case to my pants pocket….and the foresight to get a neoprene ibook case.

A lot of stuff yesterday and today has left me incredibly drained emotionally. I’m just glad that I’m way too mentally stable to be depressed. I’d try to get some friends together to do something, but I don’t think I’m up to it. I should probably be working on one of my projects right now anyway. Speaking of that, I certainly should be….I was supposed to meet at 2, now that I think of it…but the wallet forgetting and rainstorm kinda screwed everything up. Argh, school needs to stop.

One Response to “all good things have endings”

  1. val says:

    as you always tell me, ‘buck up lil’ camper, don’t be sad’. school will end soon enough… take heart.

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