Apr 30

Wow I had a busy day. It was good.

Got up for physics, went to class, understood it. Next class was cancelled cause we’re done for the semester. Well, I did check my grade….didn’t do good, made a C. Good enough to get a CS credit, so that’s good, but I would have liked to do much better. I messed up the first test really really badly, and didn’t do well on the second. I was prepared to ace the third…then we never had the third. So….that’s no good.

I walked to the “Centennial Research Building” and met with the professor I’m doing “research” or “independent study” for this summer. Had a bit of small talk and talked about the project this summer. It’s totally awesome because he was fine with giving me 4 hours worth of credit, so now I just have 2 classes this summer, and then developing a web application. Hott. Gotta get up early for my “Science Fiction” class (probably the 2nd best humanity I could take) on monday and wednesday, then I’ll either have Microeconomics or Theory II (Algorithms) on monday & wednesday & friday. Oh I don’t know what to do. Algorithms would be more useful for my profession and is only an hour each day. However, I think economics would be easier, is an hour and a half or two hours each day, is right after my other class (so don’t have to sit around between classes), and ends a month early (short session 4tw!). Dunno yet. Perhaps I’ll keep them both and show up for the first couple of days and then decide, and get a refund check.

So then I get home and my friend Kristen says “come hang out!@#$!@” so I drove up to cumming georgia and she drove down from dawsonville georgia and we sat around and talked for a long time. It was awesome, she is awesome. I need to get to know her boyfriend better, we are exactly alike in a ton of ways. It was a long drive though, that was unfortunate. We’ve only hung out a few times, but we need to more. She reminds me of my most excellent friend Jessie, although Jessie lives in chattanooga and we hardly ever see each other. But I am going home for a week or so after finals, so hopefully I’ll see her then. Wanted to see eric too, but he’s gonna be gone most of the time I’m there. So I guess i’ll see what happens.

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