May 06

so my hair was in dire dire need of cutting and coloring, and larissa was kind enough to volunteer to come do it. I was pretty nervous about the cutting part, because my hair is long of course and she’s not like…a professional hair stylist or whatever. however, it actually came out looking really good, at least as good as the salon, if not better. i was gonna give her gas money for driving down here, but I didn’t have any cash so I made her let me buy dinner to say thanks. got to el amigo (mexican 3 nights in a row what?) and sat down, and like immediately this chick at a table across the aisle is all like “oh I love your haircut!” i thought it was soooo funny. apparently she’s in cosmetology school or whatever so she was talking to larissa about it. anyway I thought it was cool, I guess i didn’t have anything to worry about.

my phone is b0rked, and t-mobile wouldn’t replace it, so I am phoneless for the time being. of course i’m going to ringgold tomorrow or sunday for a week so I don’t guess anybody’d need to get in touch with me…but if you read this and were going to call me and it goes straight to voicemail…that’s why. i dug up my old cordless phone and plugged it in, so I have a home phone now, but yeah it’s dumb.

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