May 10

I failed physics 2 3 times, and now I have made a B. Wow. I am so amazed. Sadly, I didn’t attend class enough (attendance was required), so they dropped it to a C. but still….wow. so of course I made a C or higher in all my other classes, so now all that’s stopping me from graduation is reading some science fiction, taking a couple tests about supply vs. demand, and work on some php code. soooo happy

5 Responses to “wow i am happy”

  1. Congrats on finally slaying that elephant.

  2. val says:

    It’s about time! You should have passed it back when I took it with you! But, yay for being done with it 🙂

  3. minthoney says:

    Congratulations on passing Physucks.

  4. progoth says:



  5. minthoney says:

    wow? as if you didn’t expect ME to congratulate you? I thought roles were reversed now…and that YOU hate ME now for that whole interference with your relationships thing.

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