May 15

I got back yesterday from a week in ringgold. pretty uneventful. I don’t think I’ve ever been to America’s Thrift Store at the beginning of summer…oh the selection of t-shirts was beyond awesome. I ended up buying 15…there were soooo many that were just one size too small or too large, but oh well. actually, I got one that didn’t have a size, but ended up being 10-12 (I wear 14-16 or adult small), and the shirt is totally awesome, it is george of the jungle. so now i have 2 small shirts I need to find somebody to give to. my favorites are “foggy hollow bluegrass gatherin'” and this other one that’s blank on the front but the back has this like ghetto mural and at the bottom it says “latino pride.”

I went to best buy and picked up another half gig of kingston pc3200 for $39.99 after rebate. sent off the rebate, so as soon as I take this machine down it sure will perform better, and I’ll get $32 in the mail. I was lucky, I didn’t go until like wednesday or thursday, but somebody returned this one so I was able to snag it.

I paid my school bill but now I realize I only had 9 hours then, but now I’m signed up for my 10, so they’re gonna charge me more. yes $141 more…and of course the link to pay is disappeared at the moment. but it’s due by friday so i still have some time.

I went over this summer’s schedule more carefully and it’s even better than I thought. Monday and Wednesday I have to be in class at 9, and then that ends at 11:45. Then from Noon to 1:50 on Mon & Wed & Friday I have economics. So I get to sleep in on friday. The best part is, and I didn’t realize this, BOTH of my classes are short session, so they end a month early. The last month of school all I’ll have to do is program when the professor wants me to, and go apartment hunting and stuff. Talk about awesome. I am excited.

I wish I could post pictures of those awesome shirts I got. oh well.

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