May 25

note to self i miss you terribly this is what we call a tragedy come back to me back to me to meee

anyway, this is mostly a note to myself to be in the office at 10am tomorrow, because i can’t find a writing utensil. Well I guess I can say what I’m doing, I have a meeting with Said tomorrow and Kevin, said used to be the CEO of our company but now he’s the VP of our division since we got bought out, and Kevin is manager of Development (and QA). I’m not sure what it’s about, except getting a full time position…which would be good. Also, I find it interesting that they’re meeting with me, but not John (QA Manager). Perhaps they’re considering hiring me for development? Which would be good, I’m sure. Or maybe it’s just that John doesn’t need to meet with me since I’ve worked with him for so long, and I’ll still be a part of QA. That’s also good, I like what I do. Anyway, gotta go to class now, we’re watching Forbidden Planet, I’m excited.

2 Responses to “note to self”

  1. Did you just quote FFTL?

  2. progoth says:

    i sure did, every time i hear/say/read the phrase “note to self” the song starts playing in my head

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