Jun 14

So this morning I called the recruiter at Intellisync to find out what they were going to offer me for working there. Not only do I get to be on the development team (I’ve been on quality assurance the whole time I’ve been there), but they gave me the amount I asked for (!!) plus stock options. So yeah, that’s awesome, I’m gonna be making good monies. Plus our stock is way low right now, if it ever rises at all (it has to) or we get bought out (a good possibility), they gave me enough to make a fair chunk of change…so yes I definitely want to see the company succeed.

After that I went apartment hunting. Man I went everywhere, what a drag. That city is just so expensive. I wanted to move into Vanessa’s apartments, because I thought it was like $600. Well I was a bit wrong, she pays $625 + $40/mo for washer and dryer. And I went there and talked to them and it’s now $695/mo before anything else. For a 1 bedroom 837 sqft apt. Other places I went to were worse. It was very discouraging. But then I was driving along and saw one on the right and like slammed on my breaks and whipped into the parking lot. Went into the office and the lady was crazy nice and took me out to see some models and show me around. The place is totally skanky, well, for alpharetta it is…it’s not any worse than any of my friends’ apartments down here. It’s just not like “alpharetta-y.” And if you know me you know I really don’t care. So anyway, they only have 2 bedroom apts, but right now the 2 bedroom 1 bath (and washer and dryer are included with all for no extra money$!#!) 950sqft is $709/mo…she said two weeks ago it was $650 (and rent.com has it for $659), and she said that today they were dropping prices, and she tried to get the prices but it was still the same. The other guy told her they wouldn’t be available until tomorrow, so she’s gonna call me tomorrow and tell me what they’re going for. If it’s less than $670 I’m jumping on it. 2 bedrooms would be nice to have, and the living rooms have these 3 sweet floor to ceiling windows. Plus having a washer and dryer and not having to pay extra would be so nice. So anyway, perhaps tomorrow or this week I’ll be getting a place starting 8/1. Oh I forgot to mention it’s only 3.5 miles from work, less to the mall, like 1.5 miles from 400. So it’s very convenient.

Ok that’s all my news I believe.

2 Responses to “I win”

  1. val says:

    3.5 miles from work? where is this? i wish i’d get a break in my apt search… argh.

  2. minthoney says:

    Hey Steven. You need to hook up with ProMove. They are located over here off Pleasant Hill by Gwinnett Place Mall. (I’m sure there is one in Alpharetta, too). They are free, and they get deals for hooking you up with apartments. They apartment complexes give them money for hooking them up with renters. Also, if you want me to come with you apartment hunting or if you want company when you’re over here, let me know.

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