Jun 19

So the price wasn’t any lower on that apt, so I went back online and searched for apartments close to my work address at rent.com (I just now saw amanda’s comment about Promove…not sure what that is yet). I called a bunch up and then went out to visit them. The first place I went to was pretty nice. The next place I went was all mexicans, and she said that there wasn’t anything available although the woman i talked to on the phone that morning said there was. The next place…I got there and saw the apartments and the area and turned my car around quick. No wonder rent was only $499. The last place I went to was OK, the only apartments available with washer and dryer hookups were like 2 bedroom, except one bedroom was a “den”. It was pretty cheap, like $615 (plus gotta pay $30/mo for washer and dryer), but the place just wasn’t nice enough. I don’t really care about much, but having uneven floors and whatnot is just worrisome to me.

So I headed back to the first place, Rosemont, and got an application and took it home and filled it out and brought it back and paid $250 to take the apt off the market. My credit checked out fine, and one lady got a funny look on her face when she read my offer letter and congratulated me for “doing well for yourself.” So I’m fairly pleased, the apt is pretty small at 735 sqft, but I’m perfectly content in my tiny apt dorm so whatever. Rent is only $580, and it comes with washer & dryer & microwave. They have a little lake with ducks and a fountain and a pool and spa and whatnot, it’s pretty nice, the area is wooded though, so when I get a new car I’ll have to go through the hassle of getting and using a cover. As I stood up to leave she said something about there goes our last 1 bedroom. A guy in scrubs had walked in a minute before, and he turned around and followed me out and got back in his pt cruiser. haha it was kind of funny. I feel his pain though.

this is hot

I owe vanessa dinner, she told me what salary to ask for cause i was gonna ask for less and she said i have to buy her dinner if I got it.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m gonna do for internet access, what a hassle. Looks like I’m gonna have to get DSL, because comcast cable doesn’t let you buy static IPs with a residential account, and business accounts are almost $200/mo after static IP. I wasn’t planning on buying a landline, but of course I’ll have to for DSL, but it’s still a lot cheaper…$90/mo for the fastest DSL + home phone line + static ip.

OK anyway, I know nobody cares about all this, but I am writing about it because it is all a new experience to me. I have certainly learned a lot though.

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