Jul 28

listening to the new emery right now…it’s ok

i got my apartment finally…I’m not going to say I’m disappointed…but the old adage “you get what you pay for” always holds true. I don’t mind that it’s small…don’t mind the fact that there’s no overhead light in my room…don’t really mind that all the appliances are old…but i do mind that the bedroom isn’t big enough for my computer (I don’t think). i have a king size waterbed and I finally get to use it after sleeping on dorm beds for 6 years…but i think it’s pretty much gonna fill up my room and not leave room for my big desk. most people just say “so?” but it is a bother to me.

this morning i moved a big load to the apt, then I went to the mall when it opened and went to the apple store. i signed up for the apple credit card and bought a 20 gig ipod and iskin. I don’t have money for it at the moment, but I can’t handle packing and moving without books or music stimulating my brain. so I did the apple credit deal and get 90 days with 0% financing, and I’ll have plenty of money well before my 90 days are up. I am definitely not an advocate of buying on credit without the money to pay for it, and detest the thought of paying interest on anything…but I figured i’d bend the rules a little bit here since there’s no interest involved.

after work i kept myself awake long enough to go to wal-mart and get a light bulb for my big lamp for my bedroom (since it has no light). I kept remembering things i needed and ended up spending like an hour in walmart. most of that time was spent wandering around looking for air fresheners. i finally asked a lady with bad teeth. they were in the grocery section, of all places. apparently all the home sanitation type things are. how odd. i felt really out of place buying home goods. i bought a black shower curtain/liner with black metal hangy things. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging that up. I have no idea why. I also bought a cheap crappy frame to put my big casablanca poster in. i am not sure how to affix it to the wall though.

i have to have renter’s insurance before setting up my waterbed. need to figure that out. i need renter’s insurance anyway cause i have too much expensive stuff to just lose it all.

then i fell asleep for 3 hours on the living room floor. i was really tired.

work is ok, if a bit boring

hrm it’s time to start a new book but i believe i’ve already moved them all. that presents a problem. i’m quite bothered by that actually.

6 Responses to “le sigh”

  1. My renters insurance is through State Farm and it’s a great deal.

  2. progoth says:

    yeah i was looking into getting state farm renter’s and car insurance and my parents are telling me to stay with my current car insurance company…i dunno if they have renter’s…i’m gonna have to see. bah, what a hassle

  3. Well if you go with state farm I’ll give you my mom’s number and she’ll hook you up.

  4. minthoney says:

    Congratulations on your new place, Steven. You should have a house warming party. If you need any help getting settled or moving or unpacking, you should let me know.
    I’m excited for you.

  5. progoth says:

    why thank you

  6. minthoney says:

    Will you please e-mail me your new address? Thank you.

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