Aug 01

My friend lindsay just left a little while ago, she got a brand new Powerbook and needed a lot of help with moving her music from her ipod and setting the machine up and stuff.

El Amigo friday night after graduation. Graduation + Rellim/Esthero lvl60 party. But mostly graduation.

I spent the night on the floor of my apartment friday night and my parents got there at about 8:15 saturday morning. they brought my waterbed and we set it all up, but didn’t fill it because i have to have renter’s insurance before i get to put water in it. then we went to the apple store to get my sister her new ibook and ipod. also a printer. cause it was all tax free. They also bought me shoes because it was tax free weekend and my mom say you need clothes? and i say well i need shoes. so we wandered around the mall a bit after putting rachel’s computer stuff in my trunk. I almost got these but i went with these instead. They sure are more comfortable than the crappy shoes I’ve been wearing. I tried on steve madden shoes at the steve madden store and they were very uncomfortable. I left there in a hurry. the things people do for fashion.

then we had moz and me and my dad drove to kennesaw to buy me the desk I wanted. The idiots there marked it tax-exempt so hey we took it. We set it up, it’ll fit in my room with my bed, so that’s good. just barely though. my chair’s not in there yet but i’m thinking it will fit. I hope i don’t have to move it to the living room cause it is arduous.

that is all.

2 Responses to “coming along”

  1. emily says:

    Those shoes are neat. I like them.

  2. I love sauconys. Only shoes I buy.

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