Aug 16

saturday I went to eric (anderson)’s wedding. The program said jon and ryan cain were both best man. however ryan was not at the front. apparently that morning he and jon wrecked a golf cart and ryan hit his head and had to go to the hospital. he didn’t make it out.

funeral is friday in south carolina. wednesday people from Novell are flying out to meet with us thursday and friday about porting our product to Novell Groupwise. Since that’s my project I really need to be there and it was quite a dilemma but I decided I can’t miss this. I wasn’t best friends with ryan or anything but I have known him for many years and I find that I’m more upset than I’d expect. so anyway of course nobody here gave me a problem about missing the meeting, and perhaps i’ll make some of it. bah


5 Responses to “blah”

  1. minthoney says:

    I read that eleven times. What?!

  2. minthoney says:

    So this guy, that was supposed to be someone’s best man, got in a golf cart accident and died on the day of the wedding? No #$&* way man. Is that right?

  3. progoth says:

    No, he lived until monday night. but otherwise, yeah

  4. minthoney says:

    Steven, that’s the most terrible thing I have heard in a very long time.

  5. emily says:

    It is, and that his brother was the one driving was even worse.

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