Sep 12

So few people can read my website that I hardly bother to update it. I’m doing well, my apartment is a mess, I have a lot of responsibility at work and I’m hard at work on that. Except for right now cause I needed a break.

I got a Beretta 92FS, it’s beautiful and amazing and tears through ammo so quickly it’s like striking matches under $20 bills.

Also I finally got rid of the Saturn! Hoorah! I didn’t have enough credit to buy the car I wanted, so I bought a 2004 Celica to keep for a year or two, make big payments on, and then trade in. It’s pretty nice, was a dealer demo car that only had 8600 miles, is basically brand new. My parents helped me by cosigning so that was cool. It looks a lot like this.

3 Responses to “I am alive”

  1. minthoney says:

    Thank you for updating. I can’t believe you drive a car like that. How weird. Congratulations.

  2. progoth says:

    Why cannot you believe it please. Also mine doesn’t have the ridiculous spoiler. Also thanks

  3. emily says:

    It is a pretty car. I like to ride in it better than a red saturn. I like its seats, they are neat. I do not like when black childrens sit on the hood of it, though. Also grocery bag hooks. Also the paint is sparkly.

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