Sep 22

The site should be fixed now. I got hosting by a hosting service since BellSouth DSL is retarded and I didn’t feel like messing with it anymore. And I got tired of listening to people complaining. Tell me if you see something broken, because then I’ll put it on the fasttrack for fixing.

I don’t have a lot to talk about. Work is going great.

I got nothing

Actually there is something I’m excited about, and that’s stock prices:) I got stock options as part of my, uh, whatever you call it…hiring package…and our stock is doing well. They have to vest, which means that after working a year I have access to 1/4th of the options, and then so many more per month for 3 years. So I’ve been watching with great interest, I can see now why stock tickers are so popular. Yesterday if I could have cashed in my options I would have made over $11,000…for clicking some buttons on a website. So anyway, paying rent on an apartment irks me so I’ll probably hold on to them until they’re worth enough and enough vest so I can get the down payment on a condo or house and use it for that. That’s cool because I don’t really want to save up for that…ha.

I’m going to a company picnic saturday. I feel all old and crap. That’s strange

I think I have cancer. I need to figure out all this insurance stuff (I have health insurance but don’t really know how to use it) and go see a doctor before I die. I don’t want to think about it…and then what do I get in my mailbox but a mass email about a guy I knew in school, my age, who just died from skin cancer. Ugh.

One Response to “Fixed”

  1. minthoney says:

    so…cancer eh?

    what are the symptoms of cancer?

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