Dec 13

Wow, it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything. Not that I ever have anything important or interesting to say anyway.

I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy…it’s pretty intense being a software developer. The code I’ve been writing, while not yet in the hands of customers, IS being tested on real data at Novell. So of course it’s been fire after fire to put out, while bug reports from in house are backing up and Novell people are wanting enhancement after enhancement on code that’s not even really done yet. And of course I’m new to this whole software development process and working closely with a lot of different people and relying on them, which sometimes means that due to a mistake/incompetance I get to stay at work all night. Ha do I sound bitter? I’m really actually very glad that I got put on a real project first thing instead of cutting my teeth for months/years doing maintenance coding and bug fixes and crap. We had an annual review, and I haven’t been here long enough to get a raise, but i got to go through the process anyway. It was mostly pretty pointless, but it was kinda good in that my manager….who is very demanding and critical…didn’t say I was doing anything wrong and that I’m outperforming expectations and that they expect a whole lot out of me. He also said something about being the best new graduate developer he’s seen or that we’ve had or something like that. I screw up from time to time and I’m still learning, but it was good to hear.

the heat in my apartment isn’t working. I’m keeping my bedroom door closed and the heat from the heated waterbed / 2 monitors / 3 computers is keeping it tolerable in here. I should probably call and get that fixed…but i’m so very lazy. And I use the other rooms so little… Also, the heat not working quells my urges to turn the heat up and spend even more money on natural gas. however, if I can’t get my few short minutes of hot water every day, there will be problems.

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