Jan 24

I’m pretty much dying and the doctor does not know why. I took a day off from work though. I am not really dying, but apparently my blood pressure is way higher than anybody would expect. the nurse took it 3 times to make sure she wasn’t messing up. I was having a lot of vertigo, like happening 1-3 times every day, but it hasn’t happened in a few days so maybe i just was a little sick in the head. He said it’s not a problem in my brain meats.

Best Buy is having a great deal on 250GB 7200rpm UltraATA100 drives this week….I bought two.

Around bedtime last night I broke my computer / alarm clock. 6 hours and 3 windows installs later it was fixed but today I am tired.

I accidently flushed my ipod last week. I think it might be coming back to life today.

We got polo shirts today with the Intellisync logo on the front and “mobility unlimited” on the sleeve. We’re supposed to be bought out next week.

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