Jul 20

does anybody remember how hard it used to be to put a dollar in a machine? like it wouldn’t read it? and now they have those self checkout things that suck up whatever you put in there and read what it is just fine and it doesn’t even have to go in a certain way i don’t think.

UPDATE:  my manager just  came and grabbed me and pulled me into a room.  now that we’re nokia and have monies, I got an “achievement award” for getting my project shipped, and its high quality and effort I put in.  awesome.  oh yes, it’s a monetary award.  that is totally sweet.

2 Responses to “bcvc”

  1. jeny says:

    I’m so proud of all your hard work. 🙂 and yes i totally think about that dollar thing all the time. we must have some sort of mind connection.

  2. mitch says:

    when did you get a new car?

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