Nov 12

I don’t ever blog…not that I ever much did.  Melina and I have a site at that I sometimes try to post on when we’re travelling the world…but I can’t even manage to do that.  I can’t even get pictures uploaded!  I have tons of honeymoon pictures…Colorado…lots more wedding…anyway, there’s always tons of things to get done.

So I logged into this site to clean up the spammers that tried to get through, noticed there was a WordPress upgrade, noticed my ancient theme was broken, so decided to do some refreshing.

I noticed that my first post was November 23rd, 1999…so in 11 days it’ll be this site’s tenth birthday.  I was running it on my one computer in my dorm room with a school-provided alias (I certainly couldn’t afford a domain name) on some terrible blogging software I wrote in Perl.

We went to my ten-year high school reunion a few weeks ago.  Strangely fun to see what people had done with themselves…mostly stayed in Ringgold/Chattanooga and had a litter of kids, but there were some excellent surprises.

I can’t believe how much things have changed since then…how much I’ve changed since then.

In another decade I’ll be pushing 40!  Hopefully it doesn’t come too quickly.

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