Apr 09

hahahaha this is so funny

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Victorian Morality Claims a Victim

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Apr 05

I sometimes end up following my professor to this class I’m sitting in, CS4420 Database Implementation, since she’s coming from the same place I am.  She’s this tiny chinese woman and she walks so fast and i try to keep up so I’m not late.  So today I was following her and for some reason she turned around and saw me and started talking to me…she’s pretty nice.  She was asking me like what classes I was taking and stuff, I don’t know why, I think she likes to get to know her students and whatnot.  At one point she asked me if I was 3rd or 4th year…"yeah…I’m 6th year."  She made a noise of suprise and was all like "you look so young! I thought you were like 20!" And so I proceeded to tell her I was approaching 24.

Anyway I guess that’s all, I get embarassed sometimes looking like a child

Mar 31

wow this is funny

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Sep 23

i want a nintendo ds

i saw miranda today for the first time in a very long time

i got the 2nd invader zim. and athf.

I didn’t ask lauren to make this but she made it and it is very funny!

Aug 31

(22:49:50) codingismy9to5: can you make me a paint of a mongoose looking hungrily at a hippo swimming in the water with only the top of his head cut?
(22:50:07) Lauren Sangrey: of course
(22:50:15) Lauren Sangrey: cuz i mean i have nothing better to do


Aug 29

come and get yer anointed handkerchiefs

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I just saw the funniest thing ever, I tried to take pictures but taking pictures of a tv isn’t too good of course

This woman was in “excrushamating pain!”


But now she can dance!


Here is the anointed prayer handkerchief that YOU TOO CAN OWN!


Aug 11


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So there’s this guy and he’s a friend of a friend and his name is ryan kiessower or something like that and I’ve met him a few times but it’s been years.  Anyway he made a pretty funny flash movie and I have it here just for you.

Jul 29


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today while driving emily saw a one-armed midget in a bikini riding on the back of a bicycle and yelling at people

Feb 18

I saw this commercial and it sure was so hilarious. I found it online. Here is a link:

Feb 09

this is too cool for words

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