Jun 01

I am back from my extended stay in Ringgold. Mom made me come because rachel was graduating, i had no idea it was memorial day (at least until like friday).

An interesting note: I read Neuromancer a couple of years ago, and now I’m having to read it again for my Science Fiction class. It is a book by William Gibson, published in 1984. He invented such things as the term “cyberspace” and the concept of, like, “jacking in to the matrix.” I don’t care to synopsize it or anything, just want to say that part 4 of the book is our protagonists (mainly this computer hacker-type fellow and this chick with an artifically improved nervous system and such) are going to make a “run” on the Villa Straylight…it’s like a section of a space station and such. So part 4 is called The Straylight Run. and there you go. A little tidbit if you enjoy their music and didn’t know where the name comes from.

I read the book “The Moon is Down” because of the Further Seems Forever song/album. It was pretty good. I read the book “Across Five Aprils” because of the band. It is terrible. Do not read it under any circumstances.

Thursday I went to the office and met with a couple of head-honcho types…namely our VP and our Development Manager. Basically they wanted to make sure I want to be a code monkey for a career, find out when I want to start working, and find out which division/product I should be working in/on. So it was a good meeting. After I left I went to the Mazda dealership down the road. Looked around in an RX-8, got a brochure book thing, and asked some questions about warranties and optional equipment and such.

Friday I drove home and then immediately rode with my dad downtown to my sister’s graduation. My grandma was there, I have not seen her in a long time. I tried to read neuromancer, made it through 18 pages despite the screaming from all the hicks. The ceremony was mercifully short. Got a call from eric afterwards and set up plans. We went to eat but I only drank sweet tea, actually had a little snippets of civilized conversation with miranda. A couple.

Saturday I got up and drove to eric’s new condo/townhouse thing. Pretty nice. his wedding is August 13th. We went to moz and i visited my friend joey and his bag of doughnuts. The chattanooga moz leaves something to be desired, but it was still excellent. We drove around in his car for a bit and I reaffirmed that I do not want a 350z. expensive, 2 seater, very very rough ride. nice car though. I went home and napped, then me and my mom and my grandma went to the hospital to visit my other grandma (my dad’s mom). she had been there for like 2 weeks. I stayed for hours then went home and ate POT ROAST.

Sunday was uneventful, we went to church, ate mexican, napped. My dad and I sat in front of their computer for hours on dial up, looking up different cars, and then looking up insurance for me. The cheapest car I’m looking at to insure is the mazda rx-8, at around $1350 for 6 months. Some of the other cars I’m looking at run close to $2000. The good thing is that when I turn 25, I’ll magically become a better driver and my premiums drop by almost half. So if I pay some insane amount for insurance, the good thing is I’ll probably only pay it once.

Monday was memorial day, we didn’t do anything. Well, my dad and I (mostly my dad) replaced brake lights in my car. Then I said I wanted to go to circuit city to buy a wireless router that they had for $40 after rebate. My dad was like “want company?@?#?!?!” and got all excited so I said sure. We went, they were out of routers of course. We looked at all the huge tvs and stuff. I ordered a router from circuitcity.com when I got home, and printed out all the rebate stuff. Then I checked out newegg, and I could have gotten a better deal there, I wish I had done that first. Grrr….trying not to think about it. Anyway, after circuit city we went to staples and best buy and office depot, looking at those routers, and checking out office furniture. Found a desk chair i liked, but already have one so not spending the $80. Found a desk i liked, lightweight metal poles on the base and a glass top, wraps around in a corner. I’ll pick one up at some point for my apartment. maybe it’ll drop from $158. That’s about the only thing I’ll need to buy, except a microwave if those aren’t furnished. My mom hates her microwave though, so I’ll prolly get that one cheap or free if I need to…she’s always trying to offload new appliances onto her kids because she hates them. After the stores we went car shopping. Went to Mitsubishi to check out the new eclipse….very very slick. They’re not available for test driving yet, at least not at that dealership, but I definitely will drive one. They’ve turned that car around. Got a book. Stopped at acura because it was right there, the guy wasn’t really anxious to sell any cars so I didn’t get to drive one. Oh well, didn’t want the RSX-S anymore, anyway. Next we went to hyundai, got in and explored the tiburon. That guy was nice and would have totally let me drive one (he had the car open and running and pulled out of the spot for me and stuff), but they didn’t have any SE’s (the V6 with 6 speed manual) or even any stick shifts for that matter. But I explored it. Nice looking car, very cheap, nice leather on the seats…but the back is extremely tiny, the passenger door felt a little cheap when I shut it, and the radio/climate control panel looks beyond cheap. It just looks terrible. But the sound system is pretty nice, so who knows. Only $20k, so we’ll see. I got a book at least. After that we went to the Ford dealership in ringgold. Got a book, then asked to see a mustang GT. well apparently ford is having problems with a supplier and can’t get any rear axles for the car. Not accepting new orders, and the current order log is backed up for months. It’s pretty crazy. But I asked to get in and look around in the car anyway. Nice leather, interior looks ok if you like the retro styling. I asked to start it up so I could hear the V6, and he was like oh yeah sure. he was really nice, talked a lot about stuff, asked me questions, then talked some more. Laughed about insurance costs and such. So all of a sudden he was like “it have gas? I’m not doing anything, let’s take it out.” So I finally got a test drive. Not used to a car with any power, not used to a RWD, not used to a clutch that sensitive. So I did squeal the tires once or twice just trying to get it out of the spot, and I was really embarassed. But I got a bit better accustomed to it pretty quickly, and took it for a short drive. Not too shabby, and about the same price as the Hyundai. We’ll see. The GT is about $28k and the V6 is about $21…only a 3 year warranty, so if I got it I’d want to pay it off in 3 years and then trade it in…and that might be hard with the GT. Anyway. Ate and stuff, then looked at computers for rachel. Gotta decide between eMac/iMac/iBook.

Tuesday (today) I slept late, read my book for a long time, talked to my grandma for a long time, ate, drove back, played wow, finished my book, and then took way too long to type this useless information into this little box.

I really need to go to bed, I have class at 9 am.

May 15

this ‘n’ that

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I got back yesterday from a week in ringgold. pretty uneventful. I don’t think I’ve ever been to America’s Thrift Store at the beginning of summer…oh the selection of t-shirts was beyond awesome. I ended up buying 15…there were soooo many that were just one size too small or too large, but oh well. actually, I got one that didn’t have a size, but ended up being 10-12 (I wear 14-16 or adult small), and the shirt is totally awesome, it is george of the jungle. so now i have 2 small shirts I need to find somebody to give to. my favorites are “foggy hollow bluegrass gatherin'” and this other one that’s blank on the front but the back has this like ghetto mural and at the bottom it says “latino pride.”

I went to best buy and picked up another half gig of kingston pc3200 for $39.99 after rebate. sent off the rebate, so as soon as I take this machine down it sure will perform better, and I’ll get $32 in the mail. I was lucky, I didn’t go until like wednesday or thursday, but somebody returned this one so I was able to snag it.

I paid my school bill but now I realize I only had 9 hours then, but now I’m signed up for my 10, so they’re gonna charge me more. yes $141 more…and of course the link to pay is disappeared at the moment. but it’s due by friday so i still have some time.

I went over this summer’s schedule more carefully and it’s even better than I thought. Monday and Wednesday I have to be in class at 9, and then that ends at 11:45. Then from Noon to 1:50 on Mon & Wed & Friday I have economics. So I get to sleep in on friday. The best part is, and I didn’t realize this, BOTH of my classes are short session, so they end a month early. The last month of school all I’ll have to do is program when the professor wants me to, and go apartment hunting and stuff. Talk about awesome. I am excited.

I wish I could post pictures of those awesome shirts I got. oh well.

May 10

I failed physics 2 3 times, and now I have made a B. Wow. I am so amazed. Sadly, I didn’t attend class enough (attendance was required), so they dropped it to a C. but still….wow. so of course I made a C or higher in all my other classes, so now all that’s stopping me from graduation is reading some science fiction, taking a couple tests about supply vs. demand, and work on some php code. soooo happy

Apr 30

what a busy day

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Wow I had a busy day. It was good.

Got up for physics, went to class, understood it. Next class was cancelled cause we’re done for the semester. Well, I did check my grade….didn’t do good, made a C. Good enough to get a CS credit, so that’s good, but I would have liked to do much better. I messed up the first test really really badly, and didn’t do well on the second. I was prepared to ace the third…then we never had the third. So….that’s no good.

I walked to the “Centennial Research Building” and met with the professor I’m doing “research” or “independent study” for this summer. Had a bit of small talk and talked about the project this summer. It’s totally awesome because he was fine with giving me 4 hours worth of credit, so now I just have 2 classes this summer, and then developing a web application. Hott. Gotta get up early for my “Science Fiction” class (probably the 2nd best humanity I could take) on monday and wednesday, then I’ll either have Microeconomics or Theory II (Algorithms) on monday & wednesday & friday. Oh I don’t know what to do. Algorithms would be more useful for my profession and is only an hour each day. However, I think economics would be easier, is an hour and a half or two hours each day, is right after my other class (so don’t have to sit around between classes), and ends a month early (short session 4tw!). Dunno yet. Perhaps I’ll keep them both and show up for the first couple of days and then decide, and get a refund check.

So then I get home and my friend Kristen says “come hang out!@#$!@” so I drove up to cumming georgia and she drove down from dawsonville georgia and we sat around and talked for a long time. It was awesome, she is awesome. I need to get to know her boyfriend better, we are exactly alike in a ton of ways. It was a long drive though, that was unfortunate. We’ve only hung out a few times, but we need to more. She reminds me of my most excellent friend Jessie, although Jessie lives in chattanooga and we hardly ever see each other. But I am going home for a week or so after finals, so hopefully I’ll see her then. Wanted to see eric too, but he’s gonna be gone most of the time I’m there. So I guess i’ll see what happens.

Apr 22

I think I titled another post a long time ago all good things have endings. Or something close to that. This morning I realized it was from the get up kids’ song forgive and forget.

I was moving stuff from one pair of jeans to another this morning and apparently I forgot my wallet.

I was going to get a bite to eat from the student center, got up to pay, and my wallet wasn’t in my pocket. I was like “oh crap” but I didn’t really know what to do. I told the lady sorry, i forgot my wallet, and then left my food sitting there and walked away. haha. my keys are on my wallet, so I was locked out. Not a huge deal, but apparently now they require your student ID to give you a spare key…which of course is in my wallet. they quizzed me about my room number and student ID # and roommate’s name and stuff and finally gave me a key.

I’m getting things out of order. I walked out of the student center and headed back to west campus. I was halfway back or so when the wind started blowing so hard it was hard to walk and crap was getting in my eyes and stuff. So needless to say by the time i got to the housing office I was soaked thoroughly. I walked in and they were all freaking out at how wet i was. I’m just glad I had the foresight to move my ibook power adaptor from the outside pocket of my case to my pants pocket….and the foresight to get a neoprene ibook case.

A lot of stuff yesterday and today has left me incredibly drained emotionally. I’m just glad that I’m way too mentally stable to be depressed. I’d try to get some friends together to do something, but I don’t think I’m up to it. I should probably be working on one of my projects right now anyway. Speaking of that, I certainly should be….I was supposed to meet at 2, now that I think of it…but the wallet forgetting and rainstorm kinda screwed everything up. Argh, school needs to stop.

Apr 19

so sick

with my longest day of classes (only 4 hours straight, but hey, I’m used to 2)

and a lovely phys test tonight

just felt like whining a bit

also, cool

Apr 14

Yesterday was an exciting day. First off, my little sister (Rachel) (IMG_0221.jpg) is accepted to tech for computer science, and she came down for some “women in CS” orientation-type thing. Maybe they can convince her to go here, because I want her to but i don’t think she’s going to. I think that would be cool.

But even better was that I was about to go to class, and somebody said my name, and it was Beth! She was definitely one of my best friends at this school…well, one of my best friends in my college years, not just necessarily people at school…but she graduated in 2003 and moved to florida. Her company sent her here to do recruiting and stuff and so she was in the college of computing. We got to talk and catch up for a while at rocky mountain. I felt bad cause rachel got here and I was supposed to meet her but beth and I got hung up and rachel was sitting in the car in the parking deck for like…45 minutes. oops 🙁 but we eventually got her.

anyway, that’s all. but it was very exciting to me, beth is awesome. she needs to move back here and be my personal friend-slave.


also, i’m hungry and was looking up chicken tikka masala on wikipedia. I then started to read about curry and read this:

A number of studies have claimed that the reaction of pain receptors to the hotter ingredients in curries, even a Korma, leads to the body’s release of endorphins and combined with the complex sensorary reaction to the variety of spices and flavours, a natural high is achieved that causes subsequent cravings, often followed by addiction and a desire to move on to hotter curries. Defining this as “an addiction” is contested by other researchers.

I think i’m addicted to chicken tikka masala. i neeeeed it. now. i’m hungry. perhaps i shall visit my friend moe and his friend joey.

edit again:

Brandtson right here at under the couch tomorrow!

Apr 12

this summer looks better

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I emailed a professor that I did a project for, and he’s going to let me do a “Research Project” this summer….I work on some code that I wrote for that project, and I get credit(s) for it. So that’s awesome. I only need one hour, so that’ll definitely happen….if I’m lucky he’ll have a lot of work for me and I can drop economics or algorithms and do 4 hours worth. So exciting

In other news if you haven’t read about the “Napolean Dynamite” bill, do so. It sure is funny. The best part is this:

2 WHEREAS, any members of the House of Representatives or the Senate of the
3 Legislature of the State of Idaho who choose to vote "Nay" on this concurrent
4 resolution are "FREAKIN' IDIOTS!" and run the risk of having the "Worst Day of
5 Their Lives!"

Apr 05

I sometimes end up following my professor to this class I’m sitting in, CS4420 Database Implementation, since she’s coming from the same place I am.  She’s this tiny chinese woman and she walks so fast and i try to keep up so I’m not late.  So today I was following her and for some reason she turned around and saw me and started talking to me…she’s pretty nice.  She was asking me like what classes I was taking and stuff, I don’t know why, I think she likes to get to know her students and whatnot.  At one point she asked me if I was 3rd or 4th year…"yeah…I’m 6th year."  She made a noise of suprise and was all like "you look so young! I thought you were like 20!" And so I proceeded to tell her I was approaching 24.

Anyway I guess that’s all, I get embarassed sometimes looking like a child

Apr 04

I’m never going to graduate

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There is like nothing offered at this school this summer, and I really, really, really want to get out.  Hopefully I can get this gimme management course when they open it up to non-management majors weds morning, but even if i do…it’s at 8am 🙁  There’s no way…but I guess i’ll do it anyway.  Actually all it is is doing excel and html and crap, so hopefully i won’t have to attend class.

I was gonna take EAS 1600, earth and atmospheric sciences…a lab science, 4 hours…not a gimme, but wouldn’t be too bad.  But of course they aren’t offering it this summer, which is bad.  I need 10 hours this summer, 3 humanities and 7 free electives.  Intro to Film isn’t offered this summer, but I did get Science Fiction, so at least it will be mildly interesting.  Management IT is 3 hours, so that leaves me with 4 hours, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  EAS woulda been perfect.  Now I’ll prolly have to take 2 3 hour classes.

My advisor told me I can cross-enroll at Georgia State, and take >=4 hours of short session or maymester class(es), since they’re actually offering classes this summer unlike tech.  But that would be a huge hassle, since I know absolutely nothing about where their classes are and stuff.

Anyway, off to physics lab.

People keep on looking at my laptop when they walk by.

Edit: aaaand management conflicts with my humanity, there’s no other humanity to take, and I have to have the humanity.  So I’m back to square one.  I hate this.

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