May 11


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iSync is awesome, and Symbian phones are awesome, but something always bugged me about syncing my N-Gage QD to my mac- the stupid icon is still for the old N-Gage. So I fixed it. You can download this image and place it in the /Applications/iSync. app/Contents/PlugIns/ApplePhoneConduit. syncdevice/Contents/PlugIns/PhoneModelsSync. phoneplugin/Contents/Resources/ directory (I inserted spaces so it wouldn’t be so long on one line, there’s actually not any spaces).

path to isync icons

Start iSync and enjoy the loss of that eyesore.

Sep 21

Today I released the project that has been stewing for a few weeks, I am excited, drumroll please, iTunesAlarm!

At work I’ve had the same computer for quite a while, a 450 mHz p3 with 256 megs of ram, and lately it’s just been way too slow to put up with.  So I requested a RAM upgrade…and received a brand new machine containing a 3.2 gHz hyperthreaded p4 with a gig of ram and an 80 gig SATA hard drive.  Needless to say I wept in joy.  Since my computer here is just an athlon xp 2500+ with half a gig of RAM, I decided that hey I should take my older 19″ monitor to work, and just stay late a lot 🙂  So after my 8 hours of working yesterday I switched to working on iTunesAlarm and got it finished and left work around 11 pm.  Anyway…um…I’m hungry.

Aug 25

I got some more gmail invites…so…get in touch and perhaps i can bestow one upon you

Jun 17

ok now that I’ve been using my awesome Gmail account for a few days (thanks thom!) I gotta write a review.


The searching is lightning quick, I’ll be able to store years’ worth of data without ever having to delete (I have years’ worth in my current mailbox and it’s only 86 megs…less than 9% of Gmail storage), the conversation message view is awesome, the keyboard shortcuts are quick and efficient, the address auto-completion is 31337, and the labels (like folders but better) leave a good taste in my mouth.  The spam catcher is at least as good or better than SpamAssassin on my machine.

Things it needs:

  1. Ability to save drafts
  2. Remote API for new mail notifications
  3. partial word search (searching for “supp” won’t find “support”)
  4. Ability to import mbox files.  I want to move 3 years worth of mail to gmail
  5. Konqueror support
  6. GPG support…at least signing and checking sigs

Anyway, I think it’s gonna be my primary email account now.  Sad but true.

Feb 09

i’m special and you aren’t

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I made a subtle suggestion to emily that she find an orkut member and get an account. and she most certainly did! so I’m on ooooooorkut, and yooooouuu’re noooot!


Oct 24


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ok so I came to a computer lab to print out my prob/stats homework, my test is at 11.  I walked to the computer I almost always use, and moved the mouse, only to see that somebody had the display locked.  grrr.  that makes me so mad.  and then I noticed the username was mine.  and I was like what the crap.  turns out that when I was printing my homework at 3pm on October 7th (17 days ago) I locked the display instead of logging out, got up and grabbed my homework and left.  anyway it made me laugh a lot.  when people leave displays locked I always reboot the machine.  anyway.  gotta print this out, go to physics, then go to my test.  it shall be horrible.  and no, I don’t know what anything in that homework means.

Oct 08

ok so I finally figured out how to make AIM encryption certs, to be used in AIM >= 5.2.  wow aren’t I fancy.  Anyway, you have to have openssl installed.

on gentoo, in the directory /etc/ssl/misc there is a file called This file is also in the openssl source in the /apps/ directory.

go into a directory that you can write to, and do the following:

/etc/ssl/misc/ -newca
hit enter when it asks for a filename
enter a password when it asks for one (twice), I recommend making all your passwords the same through this process.
put in a country, state, city, and some kind of name (I put for organization).  Don’t need to put anything in for organizational unit, put in your name and then put in your email address.
/etc/ssl/misc/ -newreq
put in a password (twice), a country, a state, a city.  put in your screenname for organization, hit enter on organizational unit name, put in your screenname for common name, and then put in your email address.  hit enter for challenge password and company name.
/etc/ssl/misc/ -signreq
put in your password from earlier, answer ‘y’ for the next 2 questions.
openssl pkcs12 -export -in newcert.pem -inkey newreq.pem -certfile demoCA/cacert.pem -name screenname -out screenname.p12
put in your password from earlier (3 times)

now you have a .p12 file.  open up aim, and go to Edit Options -> Edit Preferences -> Security (I’m doing this in aim 5.5).  Click Advanced..., click Import..., and select your .p12 file.  Put in your password a few times, click ok a few times and you should now have a nice lock beside your name.

Sep 09

I should be homeworking

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First things first: if you have a login to my site (maes, comics, etc) you can now leave comments on my posts.  Please do.  I’m jealous of other-journal-folk.  Click Apply for Access if you need a login.

If you’ve used a computer in my apartment, you probably know that I use a different keyboard layout than most people.  I have a regular qwerty keyboard, but when I hit, say, the S key, it types an O.  The D key types an E, the F types a U, and so on.


The Qwerty keyboard was invented around 1900, because typists were typing too fast.  Typewriters were getting jammed because of this fast typing, so the creator of the typewriter moved keys around to slow the typist down.

Somewhere around the 1950’s, this guy named Dvorak decided that this was stupid, and set out to make the optimal keyboard layout.  It’s best to keep your fingers on the home row.  It’s hard to move your fingers to the bottom row, and easier to move them to the top.  Alternating hands is best (one hand types a key, then the other, then the first, etc) because it gives the fingers time to get in place.  He went by a few more rules, but anyway.  If you notice, in the english language, the high majority of words have a consonant then a vowel then a consonant then a vowel, etc.  Soooo….put all the vowels on one hand, and the most frequently used consonants on the other hand, and you’re getting somewhere with the alternation.  Put the most frequently used consonants on the home row, and the least used on the bottom row.  Put the least used consonants on the left side, since the left hand is busy typing vowels.

So Dvorak did all this and made the layout that I showed above.  Try this link for an example of the efficiency.  Paste some english text into the box and hit calculate.  For normal text, you’ll see that the home row usage is MUCH higher on dvorak, and the distance traveled is usually around half of the distance traveled using qwerty.

I printed out a full-page pdf version of the keyboard layout, and changed my keyboard layout in linux and windows to dvorak.  It took me about a week to memorize where all the keys were.  I basically went cold turkey to dvorak, and it was quite painful.  But in about a month I was up to my previous speeds in qwerty.  And no, I can’t really type in qwerty anymore.  If I have to then I look at the keyboard, or if I’m going to be using it for a while, it takes about 2 minutes in windows to add the dvorak layout as an option.

So anyway, what prompted this whole post was that I maxed out at about 65WPM (words per minute) on qwerty, and now here’s what I’m getting now with dvorak after using it for a year or two:

Jun 11

oh boy

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just what I wanted!

Oct 29


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…is probably the only class I’ve ever had in which the professor skips more than I do….

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