Jan 02


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Got up at 8:00 today….well, 8:07…got ready and got to work at 9. It’s like a new world record, I’m sure. Almost nobody was around so I figured everybody took the day/week off. At noon I messaged sung…who proceeded to tell me that today was a vacation day. I sure had no idea. I sure have no idea why they couldn’t have put that on the 2005 vacation schedule just to make sure people would notice it. I sure have no idea why they made us use 8 hours PTO for last friday but today is vacation. I sure wish I hadn’t awoken this morning.

Nov 01

So fresh and so cold

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The hot water in my shower lasts for approximately 7 minutes. This presents a problem, since I require 2 to 3 times this length. But I must go without. It makes me quite sad.

Jul 06


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I surely can’t decide if I still want the rx-8 now that the 2006 eclipse is out. oh the pain. I would care to purchase them both. and alternate the driving.

/sigh (steven lets out a long, drawn-out sigh)

hopefully when i drive them about and start negotiating prices one will stand out as the clear winner. why did mitsubishi have to go and screw everything up by coming out with a $28k coupe with a) 5 year warranty b) 650W 6cd mp3 player c) 263HP/260ftlb V6 6spd d) an awesome exterior and better interior.

anyway, i’m going to bed, school ends this week, next week i start working part time and continue working on my research project until graduation on 8/5. sign my lease and start moving on the 25th

Aug 05

i’m at work

i have to convert a whole lot of code to be able to handle unicode data, spanning 2 different languages (C++ & python) and multiple technologies from 3rd party code (pcre, xml-rpc, dom, sax) and talking to two disparate servers (MS exchange & ibm/lotus domino) and partially using COM, partially using Domino classes, and using STL throughout (of course having to use MS’s particularly poor VC6 stl implementation).

which (if you’re a programmer) explains the break I’m having to take right now to type this

Nov 04

I love tech housing

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Wake up this morning to find that water is off until 5pm.


Oct 29


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…is probably the only class I’ve ever had in which the professor skips more than I do….

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