Feb 19

Replace a pistol grip on an AR-15

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So – I couldn’t find any information about what tools I should buy to replace the pistol grip on my AR-15, so I just went to Sears and lucked out.

I went from the original to a Hogue monogrip.

Ok- I’m an AR-15 newbie, and I have no idea what’s the same on my gun versus what’s different on other guns – I thought they were all supposed to be the same, but just a disclaimer – I have no idea.

I replaced the pistol grip on my Bushmaster XM-15 model rifle – the BCWA3F14M4IZ to be exact – M4A3 with Izzy flash suppressor.  I don’t know if Bushmaster does anything special to their pistol grips, but I’m not responsible if the directions don’t work for you.

I’d read that you use a Torx screwdriver to replace the grip, so that’s almost what I bought, but I got a combo kit instead.

The Torx wasn’t correct AT ALL – I used a hex head. According to the combo kit I got at Sears, I used an Imperial (not Metric) 3/16″ Hex Tamper Proof head – it fit perfectly, and there certainly wasn’t any stripping.

So that’s Three-Sixteenths of an inch – if you want to replace your Bushmaster XM-15 pistol grip, get a 3/16″ hex head screwdriver. I’m trying to get this onto all of Google’s search results so nobody ends up in the frustrating position I was in of not knowing what to get.

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