Dec 21


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Feb 08

joyous occasions

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I have finally acquired the object of my lustings for the past __ years! It is a gorgeous 2004 Mazda RX-8: 238hp RWD 6 speed, red & black leather, heated front seats, power driver’s seat, power sunroof, Bose audio, 18″ alloy wheels, spoiler, fog lights…oh it is amazingly amazing. There’s a front air dam i’ll consider putting on that I always wanted, and I’m looking into iPod connectivity options…but it is still lovely, and also I am broke at the moment….ha.

It was raining when I got it, so it hasn’t been washed/waxed/detailed yet, but I will be having them do that next week. Perhaps I shall take better pictures then. I took some crappy nighttime pictures and I shall include them because uh I can.

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Now for the depressing picture. The text in blue is where I wrote down how many miles I had gone since my last fill up.

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For those of you who are not mathematically-inclined, that does in fact mean that I got less than 12.5 miles per gallon.

It was a very good 110 miles though 🙂

Jan 11


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I just ordered this fine piece of apparel


Nov 16

After meetings all day I have been convinced that this is a good thing. A very good thing, pretty much.

Oct 03

It wasn’t the cancers btw. I shall live to see another day

Jun 14

So this morning I called the recruiter at Intellisync to find out what they were going to offer me for working there. Not only do I get to be on the development team (I’ve been on quality assurance the whole time I’ve been there), but they gave me the amount I asked for (!!) plus stock options. So yeah, that’s awesome, I’m gonna be making good monies. Plus our stock is way low right now, if it ever rises at all (it has to) or we get bought out (a good possibility), they gave me enough to make a fair chunk of change…so yes I definitely want to see the company succeed.

After that I went apartment hunting. Man I went everywhere, what a drag. That city is just so expensive. I wanted to move into Vanessa’s apartments, because I thought it was like $600. Well I was a bit wrong, she pays $625 + $40/mo for washer and dryer. And I went there and talked to them and it’s now $695/mo before anything else. For a 1 bedroom 837 sqft apt. Other places I went to were worse. It was very discouraging. But then I was driving along and saw one on the right and like slammed on my breaks and whipped into the parking lot. Went into the office and the lady was crazy nice and took me out to see some models and show me around. The place is totally skanky, well, for alpharetta it is…it’s not any worse than any of my friends’ apartments down here. It’s just not like “alpharetta-y.” And if you know me you know I really don’t care. So anyway, they only have 2 bedroom apts, but right now the 2 bedroom 1 bath (and washer and dryer are included with all for no extra money$!#!) 950sqft is $709/mo…she said two weeks ago it was $650 (and has it for $659), and she said that today they were dropping prices, and she tried to get the prices but it was still the same. The other guy told her they wouldn’t be available until tomorrow, so she’s gonna call me tomorrow and tell me what they’re going for. If it’s less than $670 I’m jumping on it. 2 bedrooms would be nice to have, and the living rooms have these 3 sweet floor to ceiling windows. Plus having a washer and dryer and not having to pay extra would be so nice. So anyway, perhaps tomorrow or this week I’ll be getting a place starting 8/1. Oh I forgot to mention it’s only 3.5 miles from work, less to the mall, like 1.5 miles from 400. So it’s very convenient.

Ok that’s all my news I believe.

May 25

note to self i miss you terribly this is what we call a tragedy come back to me back to me to meee

anyway, this is mostly a note to myself to be in the office at 10am tomorrow, because i can’t find a writing utensil. Well I guess I can say what I’m doing, I have a meeting with Said tomorrow and Kevin, said used to be the CEO of our company but now he’s the VP of our division since we got bought out, and Kevin is manager of Development (and QA). I’m not sure what it’s about, except getting a full time position…which would be good. Also, I find it interesting that they’re meeting with me, but not John (QA Manager). Perhaps they’re considering hiring me for development? Which would be good, I’m sure. Or maybe it’s just that John doesn’t need to meet with me since I’ve worked with him for so long, and I’ll still be a part of QA. That’s also good, I like what I do. Anyway, gotta go to class now, we’re watching Forbidden Planet, I’m excited.

May 18

I’m back

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So if you tried to visit my site for the past few days you noticed it was…different. Mostly that it was gone, mostly. But I got my new power supply in today, and it’s running great now. Also, if I may lapse into dorkspeak, this is the nicest power supply I’ve ever seen. A ton of power leads, all very long, PCI-Express support, SATA cables, 2 fans, totally silent…I kinda wanted to put it in my good computer and give the server the old one….but didn’t want to go through the hassle. If I run your website, don’t worry, all your data is intact.

Thanks to sam and reed for giving me $25 to help out with the expense.

Also, my only class for friday is cancelled….so it is easy street for me until 9am monday. Ha!

May 15

this ‘n’ that

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I got back yesterday from a week in ringgold. pretty uneventful. I don’t think I’ve ever been to America’s Thrift Store at the beginning of summer…oh the selection of t-shirts was beyond awesome. I ended up buying 15…there were soooo many that were just one size too small or too large, but oh well. actually, I got one that didn’t have a size, but ended up being 10-12 (I wear 14-16 or adult small), and the shirt is totally awesome, it is george of the jungle. so now i have 2 small shirts I need to find somebody to give to. my favorites are “foggy hollow bluegrass gatherin'” and this other one that’s blank on the front but the back has this like ghetto mural and at the bottom it says “latino pride.”

I went to best buy and picked up another half gig of kingston pc3200 for $39.99 after rebate. sent off the rebate, so as soon as I take this machine down it sure will perform better, and I’ll get $32 in the mail. I was lucky, I didn’t go until like wednesday or thursday, but somebody returned this one so I was able to snag it.

I paid my school bill but now I realize I only had 9 hours then, but now I’m signed up for my 10, so they’re gonna charge me more. yes $141 more…and of course the link to pay is disappeared at the moment. but it’s due by friday so i still have some time.

I went over this summer’s schedule more carefully and it’s even better than I thought. Monday and Wednesday I have to be in class at 9, and then that ends at 11:45. Then from Noon to 1:50 on Mon & Wed & Friday I have economics. So I get to sleep in on friday. The best part is, and I didn’t realize this, BOTH of my classes are short session, so they end a month early. The last month of school all I’ll have to do is program when the professor wants me to, and go apartment hunting and stuff. Talk about awesome. I am excited.

I wish I could post pictures of those awesome shirts I got. oh well.

May 10

I failed physics 2 3 times, and now I have made a B. Wow. I am so amazed. Sadly, I didn’t attend class enough (attendance was required), so they dropped it to a C. but still….wow. so of course I made a C or higher in all my other classes, so now all that’s stopping me from graduation is reading some science fiction, taking a couple tests about supply vs. demand, and work on some php code. soooo happy

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