Nov 12

What a long, strange decade…

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I don’t ever blog…not that I ever much did.  Melina and I have a site at that I sometimes try to post on when we’re travelling the world…but I can’t even manage to do that.  I can’t even get pictures uploaded!  I have tons of honeymoon pictures…Colorado…lots more wedding…anyway, there’s always tons of things to get done.

So I logged into this site to clean up the spammers that tried to get through, noticed there was a WordPress upgrade, noticed my ancient theme was broken, so decided to do some refreshing.

I noticed that my first post was November 23rd, 1999…so in 11 days it’ll be this site’s tenth birthday.  I was running it on my one computer in my dorm room with a school-provided alias (I certainly couldn’t afford a domain name) on some terrible blogging software I wrote in Perl.

We went to my ten-year high school reunion a few weeks ago.  Strangely fun to see what people had done with themselves…mostly stayed in Ringgold/Chattanooga and had a litter of kids, but there were some excellent surprises.

I can’t believe how much things have changed since then…how much I’ve changed since then.

In another decade I’ll be pushing 40!  Hopefully it doesn’t come too quickly.

Dec 21


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Nov 17


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I make a really good sourdough-mayonnaise-spicy pickle sammitch, if i do say so myself.

Something pretty crazy happened last night, and I may have huge decisions in my future. It’s scary.

Jan 02


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Got up at 8:00 today….well, 8:07…got ready and got to work at 9. It’s like a new world record, I’m sure. Almost nobody was around so I figured everybody took the day/week off. At noon I messaged sung…who proceeded to tell me that today was a vacation day. I sure had no idea. I sure have no idea why they couldn’t have put that on the 2005 vacation schedule just to make sure people would notice it. I sure have no idea why they made us use 8 hours PTO for last friday but today is vacation. I sure wish I hadn’t awoken this morning.

Nov 10

I purchased this t-shret

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zolof t-shret

I think it is just wonderful. Also they make me grin

Nov 01

So fresh and so cold

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The hot water in my shower lasts for approximately 7 minutes. This presents a problem, since I require 2 to 3 times this length. But I must go without. It makes me quite sad.

Oct 03

It wasn’t the cancers btw. I shall live to see another day

Sep 12

So few people can read my website that I hardly bother to update it. I’m doing well, my apartment is a mess, I have a lot of responsibility at work and I’m hard at work on that. Except for right now cause I needed a break.

I got a Beretta 92FS, it’s beautiful and amazing and tears through ammo so quickly it’s like striking matches under $20 bills.

Also I finally got rid of the Saturn! Hoorah! I didn’t have enough credit to buy the car I wanted, so I bought a 2004 Celica to keep for a year or two, make big payments on, and then trade in. It’s pretty nice, was a dealer demo car that only had 8600 miles, is basically brand new. My parents helped me by cosigning so that was cool. It looks a lot like this.

Aug 01

My friend lindsay just left a little while ago, she got a brand new Powerbook and needed a lot of help with moving her music from her ipod and setting the machine up and stuff.

El Amigo friday night after graduation. Graduation + Rellim/Esthero lvl60 party. But mostly graduation.

I spent the night on the floor of my apartment friday night and my parents got there at about 8:15 saturday morning. they brought my waterbed and we set it all up, but didn’t fill it because i have to have renter’s insurance before i get to put water in it. then we went to the apple store to get my sister her new ibook and ipod. also a printer. cause it was all tax free. They also bought me shoes because it was tax free weekend and my mom say you need clothes? and i say well i need shoes. so we wandered around the mall a bit after putting rachel’s computer stuff in my trunk. I almost got these but i went with these instead. They sure are more comfortable than the crappy shoes I’ve been wearing. I tried on steve madden shoes at the steve madden store and they were very uncomfortable. I left there in a hurry. the things people do for fashion.

then we had moz and me and my dad drove to kennesaw to buy me the desk I wanted. The idiots there marked it tax-exempt so hey we took it. We set it up, it’ll fit in my room with my bed, so that’s good. just barely though. my chair’s not in there yet but i’m thinking it will fit. I hope i don’t have to move it to the living room cause it is arduous.

that is all.

Jul 28

listening to the new emery right now…it’s ok

i got my apartment finally…I’m not going to say I’m disappointed…but the old adage “you get what you pay for” always holds true. I don’t mind that it’s small…don’t mind the fact that there’s no overhead light in my room…don’t really mind that all the appliances are old…but i do mind that the bedroom isn’t big enough for my computer (I don’t think). i have a king size waterbed and I finally get to use it after sleeping on dorm beds for 6 years…but i think it’s pretty much gonna fill up my room and not leave room for my big desk. most people just say “so?” but it is a bother to me.

this morning i moved a big load to the apt, then I went to the mall when it opened and went to the apple store. i signed up for the apple credit card and bought a 20 gig ipod and iskin. I don’t have money for it at the moment, but I can’t handle packing and moving without books or music stimulating my brain. so I did the apple credit deal and get 90 days with 0% financing, and I’ll have plenty of money well before my 90 days are up. I am definitely not an advocate of buying on credit without the money to pay for it, and detest the thought of paying interest on anything…but I figured i’d bend the rules a little bit here since there’s no interest involved.

after work i kept myself awake long enough to go to wal-mart and get a light bulb for my big lamp for my bedroom (since it has no light). I kept remembering things i needed and ended up spending like an hour in walmart. most of that time was spent wandering around looking for air fresheners. i finally asked a lady with bad teeth. they were in the grocery section, of all places. apparently all the home sanitation type things are. how odd. i felt really out of place buying home goods. i bought a black shower curtain/liner with black metal hangy things. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging that up. I have no idea why. I also bought a cheap crappy frame to put my big casablanca poster in. i am not sure how to affix it to the wall though.

i have to have renter’s insurance before setting up my waterbed. need to figure that out. i need renter’s insurance anyway cause i have too much expensive stuff to just lose it all.

then i fell asleep for 3 hours on the living room floor. i was really tired.

work is ok, if a bit boring

hrm it’s time to start a new book but i believe i’ve already moved them all. that presents a problem. i’m quite bothered by that actually.

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