Jul 11

back at work

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I am back at work and it is good to be doing this and not school

It was a hectic morning but it eventually came out ok

This month while I’m still part time I’m writing some tool in java that stresses a database and then kills the database server in the middle to try to get it to corrupt. When I start full time I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to be doing, but I believe it’s some java concerning health monitoring of our server software, and c++ mapi concerning the exchange sync portion of our server software. anyway, it will be good. I’m about to go home after hours of trying to acquaint myself with java. I haven’t touched it in years, and wow there’s stuff I hate about it. but I’m not gonna even go there because that will go into dork details that most people don’t understand or care about. give me c++ plz

Judy the office lady, she has so many jobs I’m not sure what they all are, she’s the receptionist for our office and everything else. anyway she brought me my nameplate for my cubicle and asked if i needed anything and I asked for a garbage can. she came back with that…and a pad of paper, a pen, a “magnetic clip dispenser” (clips not included), a box of paper clips, scissors, a roll of tape, a tape dispenser for it…and a stapler. It’s a swingline. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all this, but oh well. perhaps someday they will come in handy.

I have a phone. And a phone number and extension and crap. I feel special. Not sure what I need that for either, but perhaps someday i will use it. I guess it’s handy for when I have to make calls in the middle of the day to deal with things that come up, won’t have to do it on my cellphone. ::shrug:: Oh also I’m getting a company cell phone. I’m not sure why at all. I would assume one (the only?) purpose is that everybody should have a phone using our software for test purposes. There’s a ton of treo 650‘s in the office so maybe I’ll get one of those. I’m sure I’ll get something cool anyway, since you have to have a cool phone to run our company’s software. so anyway, yeah. I’m gonna drive home now. chaching

Jul 06


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I surely can’t decide if I still want the rx-8 now that the 2006 eclipse is out. oh the pain. I would care to purchase them both. and alternate the driving.

/sigh (steven lets out a long, drawn-out sigh)

hopefully when i drive them about and start negotiating prices one will stand out as the clear winner. why did mitsubishi have to go and screw everything up by coming out with a $28k coupe with a) 5 year warranty b) 650W 6cd mp3 player c) 263HP/260ftlb V6 6spd d) an awesome exterior and better interior.

anyway, i’m going to bed, school ends this week, next week i start working part time and continue working on my research project until graduation on 8/5. sign my lease and start moving on the 25th

Jun 19

things and such

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So the price wasn’t any lower on that apt, so I went back online and searched for apartments close to my work address at rent.com (I just now saw amanda’s comment about Promove…not sure what that is yet). I called a bunch up and then went out to visit them. The first place I went to was pretty nice. The next place I went was all mexicans, and she said that there wasn’t anything available although the woman i talked to on the phone that morning said there was. The next place…I got there and saw the apartments and the area and turned my car around quick. No wonder rent was only $499. The last place I went to was OK, the only apartments available with washer and dryer hookups were like 2 bedroom, except one bedroom was a “den”. It was pretty cheap, like $615 (plus gotta pay $30/mo for washer and dryer), but the place just wasn’t nice enough. I don’t really care about much, but having uneven floors and whatnot is just worrisome to me.

So I headed back to the first place, Rosemont, and got an application and took it home and filled it out and brought it back and paid $250 to take the apt off the market. My credit checked out fine, and one lady got a funny look on her face when she read my offer letter and congratulated me for “doing well for yourself.” So I’m fairly pleased, the apt is pretty small at 735 sqft, but I’m perfectly content in my tiny apt dorm so whatever. Rent is only $580, and it comes with washer & dryer & microwave. They have a little lake with ducks and a fountain and a pool and spa and whatnot, it’s pretty nice, the area is wooded though, so when I get a new car I’ll have to go through the hassle of getting and using a cover. As I stood up to leave she said something about there goes our last 1 bedroom. A guy in scrubs had walked in a minute before, and he turned around and followed me out and got back in his pt cruiser. haha it was kind of funny. I feel his pain though.

this is hot

I owe vanessa dinner, she told me what salary to ask for cause i was gonna ask for less and she said i have to buy her dinner if I got it.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m gonna do for internet access, what a hassle. Looks like I’m gonna have to get DSL, because comcast cable doesn’t let you buy static IPs with a residential account, and business accounts are almost $200/mo after static IP. I wasn’t planning on buying a landline, but of course I’ll have to for DSL, but it’s still a lot cheaper…$90/mo for the fastest DSL + home phone line + static ip.

OK anyway, I know nobody cares about all this, but I am writing about it because it is all a new experience to me. I have certainly learned a lot though.

Jun 14

So this morning I called the recruiter at Intellisync to find out what they were going to offer me for working there. Not only do I get to be on the development team (I’ve been on quality assurance the whole time I’ve been there), but they gave me the amount I asked for (!!) plus stock options. So yeah, that’s awesome, I’m gonna be making good monies. Plus our stock is way low right now, if it ever rises at all (it has to) or we get bought out (a good possibility), they gave me enough to make a fair chunk of change…so yes I definitely want to see the company succeed.

After that I went apartment hunting. Man I went everywhere, what a drag. That city is just so expensive. I wanted to move into Vanessa’s apartments, because I thought it was like $600. Well I was a bit wrong, she pays $625 + $40/mo for washer and dryer. And I went there and talked to them and it’s now $695/mo before anything else. For a 1 bedroom 837 sqft apt. Other places I went to were worse. It was very discouraging. But then I was driving along and saw one on the right and like slammed on my breaks and whipped into the parking lot. Went into the office and the lady was crazy nice and took me out to see some models and show me around. The place is totally skanky, well, for alpharetta it is…it’s not any worse than any of my friends’ apartments down here. It’s just not like “alpharetta-y.” And if you know me you know I really don’t care. So anyway, they only have 2 bedroom apts, but right now the 2 bedroom 1 bath (and washer and dryer are included with all for no extra money$!#!) 950sqft is $709/mo…she said two weeks ago it was $650 (and rent.com has it for $659), and she said that today they were dropping prices, and she tried to get the prices but it was still the same. The other guy told her they wouldn’t be available until tomorrow, so she’s gonna call me tomorrow and tell me what they’re going for. If it’s less than $670 I’m jumping on it. 2 bedrooms would be nice to have, and the living rooms have these 3 sweet floor to ceiling windows. Plus having a washer and dryer and not having to pay extra would be so nice. So anyway, perhaps tomorrow or this week I’ll be getting a place starting 8/1. Oh I forgot to mention it’s only 3.5 miles from work, less to the mall, like 1.5 miles from 400. So it’s very convenient.

Ok that’s all my news I believe.

Jun 01

I am back from my extended stay in Ringgold. Mom made me come because rachel was graduating, i had no idea it was memorial day (at least until like friday).

An interesting note: I read Neuromancer a couple of years ago, and now I’m having to read it again for my Science Fiction class. It is a book by William Gibson, published in 1984. He invented such things as the term “cyberspace” and the concept of, like, “jacking in to the matrix.” I don’t care to synopsize it or anything, just want to say that part 4 of the book is our protagonists (mainly this computer hacker-type fellow and this chick with an artifically improved nervous system and such) are going to make a “run” on the Villa Straylight…it’s like a section of a space station and such. So part 4 is called The Straylight Run. and there you go. A little tidbit if you enjoy their music and didn’t know where the name comes from.

I read the book “The Moon is Down” because of the Further Seems Forever song/album. It was pretty good. I read the book “Across Five Aprils” because of the band. It is terrible. Do not read it under any circumstances.

Thursday I went to the office and met with a couple of head-honcho types…namely our VP and our Development Manager. Basically they wanted to make sure I want to be a code monkey for a career, find out when I want to start working, and find out which division/product I should be working in/on. So it was a good meeting. After I left I went to the Mazda dealership down the road. Looked around in an RX-8, got a brochure book thing, and asked some questions about warranties and optional equipment and such.

Friday I drove home and then immediately rode with my dad downtown to my sister’s graduation. My grandma was there, I have not seen her in a long time. I tried to read neuromancer, made it through 18 pages despite the screaming from all the hicks. The ceremony was mercifully short. Got a call from eric afterwards and set up plans. We went to eat but I only drank sweet tea, actually had a little snippets of civilized conversation with miranda. A couple.

Saturday I got up and drove to eric’s new condo/townhouse thing. Pretty nice. his wedding is August 13th. We went to moz and i visited my friend joey and his bag of doughnuts. The chattanooga moz leaves something to be desired, but it was still excellent. We drove around in his car for a bit and I reaffirmed that I do not want a 350z. expensive, 2 seater, very very rough ride. nice car though. I went home and napped, then me and my mom and my grandma went to the hospital to visit my other grandma (my dad’s mom). she had been there for like 2 weeks. I stayed for hours then went home and ate POT ROAST.

Sunday was uneventful, we went to church, ate mexican, napped. My dad and I sat in front of their computer for hours on dial up, looking up different cars, and then looking up insurance for me. The cheapest car I’m looking at to insure is the mazda rx-8, at around $1350 for 6 months. Some of the other cars I’m looking at run close to $2000. The good thing is that when I turn 25, I’ll magically become a better driver and my premiums drop by almost half. So if I pay some insane amount for insurance, the good thing is I’ll probably only pay it once.

Monday was memorial day, we didn’t do anything. Well, my dad and I (mostly my dad) replaced brake lights in my car. Then I said I wanted to go to circuit city to buy a wireless router that they had for $40 after rebate. My dad was like “want company?@?#?!?!” and got all excited so I said sure. We went, they were out of routers of course. We looked at all the huge tvs and stuff. I ordered a router from circuitcity.com when I got home, and printed out all the rebate stuff. Then I checked out newegg, and I could have gotten a better deal there, I wish I had done that first. Grrr….trying not to think about it. Anyway, after circuit city we went to staples and best buy and office depot, looking at those routers, and checking out office furniture. Found a desk chair i liked, but already have one so not spending the $80. Found a desk i liked, lightweight metal poles on the base and a glass top, wraps around in a corner. I’ll pick one up at some point for my apartment. maybe it’ll drop from $158. That’s about the only thing I’ll need to buy, except a microwave if those aren’t furnished. My mom hates her microwave though, so I’ll prolly get that one cheap or free if I need to…she’s always trying to offload new appliances onto her kids because she hates them. After the stores we went car shopping. Went to Mitsubishi to check out the new eclipse….very very slick. They’re not available for test driving yet, at least not at that dealership, but I definitely will drive one. They’ve turned that car around. Got a book. Stopped at acura because it was right there, the guy wasn’t really anxious to sell any cars so I didn’t get to drive one. Oh well, didn’t want the RSX-S anymore, anyway. Next we went to hyundai, got in and explored the tiburon. That guy was nice and would have totally let me drive one (he had the car open and running and pulled out of the spot for me and stuff), but they didn’t have any SE’s (the V6 with 6 speed manual) or even any stick shifts for that matter. But I explored it. Nice looking car, very cheap, nice leather on the seats…but the back is extremely tiny, the passenger door felt a little cheap when I shut it, and the radio/climate control panel looks beyond cheap. It just looks terrible. But the sound system is pretty nice, so who knows. Only $20k, so we’ll see. I got a book at least. After that we went to the Ford dealership in ringgold. Got a book, then asked to see a mustang GT. well apparently ford is having problems with a supplier and can’t get any rear axles for the car. Not accepting new orders, and the current order log is backed up for months. It’s pretty crazy. But I asked to get in and look around in the car anyway. Nice leather, interior looks ok if you like the retro styling. I asked to start it up so I could hear the V6, and he was like oh yeah sure. he was really nice, talked a lot about stuff, asked me questions, then talked some more. Laughed about insurance costs and such. So all of a sudden he was like “it have gas? I’m not doing anything, let’s take it out.” So I finally got a test drive. Not used to a car with any power, not used to a RWD, not used to a clutch that sensitive. So I did squeal the tires once or twice just trying to get it out of the spot, and I was really embarassed. But I got a bit better accustomed to it pretty quickly, and took it for a short drive. Not too shabby, and about the same price as the Hyundai. We’ll see. The GT is about $28k and the V6 is about $21…only a 3 year warranty, so if I got it I’d want to pay it off in 3 years and then trade it in…and that might be hard with the GT. Anyway. Ate and stuff, then looked at computers for rachel. Gotta decide between eMac/iMac/iBook.

Tuesday (today) I slept late, read my book for a long time, talked to my grandma for a long time, ate, drove back, played wow, finished my book, and then took way too long to type this useless information into this little box.

I really need to go to bed, I have class at 9 am.

May 25

note to self i miss you terribly this is what we call a tragedy come back to me back to me to meee

anyway, this is mostly a note to myself to be in the office at 10am tomorrow, because i can’t find a writing utensil. Well I guess I can say what I’m doing, I have a meeting with Said tomorrow and Kevin, said used to be the CEO of our company but now he’s the VP of our division since we got bought out, and Kevin is manager of Development (and QA). I’m not sure what it’s about, except getting a full time position…which would be good. Also, I find it interesting that they’re meeting with me, but not John (QA Manager). Perhaps they’re considering hiring me for development? Which would be good, I’m sure. Or maybe it’s just that John doesn’t need to meet with me since I’ve worked with him for so long, and I’ll still be a part of QA. That’s also good, I like what I do. Anyway, gotta go to class now, we’re watching Forbidden Planet, I’m excited.

Apr 30

what a busy day

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Wow I had a busy day. It was good.

Got up for physics, went to class, understood it. Next class was cancelled cause we’re done for the semester. Well, I did check my grade….didn’t do good, made a C. Good enough to get a CS credit, so that’s good, but I would have liked to do much better. I messed up the first test really really badly, and didn’t do well on the second. I was prepared to ace the third…then we never had the third. So….that’s no good.

I walked to the “Centennial Research Building” and met with the professor I’m doing “research” or “independent study” for this summer. Had a bit of small talk and talked about the project this summer. It’s totally awesome because he was fine with giving me 4 hours worth of credit, so now I just have 2 classes this summer, and then developing a web application. Hott. Gotta get up early for my “Science Fiction” class (probably the 2nd best humanity I could take) on monday and wednesday, then I’ll either have Microeconomics or Theory II (Algorithms) on monday & wednesday & friday. Oh I don’t know what to do. Algorithms would be more useful for my profession and is only an hour each day. However, I think economics would be easier, is an hour and a half or two hours each day, is right after my other class (so don’t have to sit around between classes), and ends a month early (short session 4tw!). Dunno yet. Perhaps I’ll keep them both and show up for the first couple of days and then decide, and get a refund check.

So then I get home and my friend Kristen says “come hang out!@#$!@” so I drove up to cumming georgia and she drove down from dawsonville georgia and we sat around and talked for a long time. It was awesome, she is awesome. I need to get to know her boyfriend better, we are exactly alike in a ton of ways. It was a long drive though, that was unfortunate. We’ve only hung out a few times, but we need to more. She reminds me of my most excellent friend Jessie, although Jessie lives in chattanooga and we hardly ever see each other. But I am going home for a week or so after finals, so hopefully I’ll see her then. Wanted to see eric too, but he’s gonna be gone most of the time I’m there. So I guess i’ll see what happens.

Apr 22

I think I titled another post a long time ago all good things have endings. Or something close to that. This morning I realized it was from the get up kids’ song forgive and forget.

I was moving stuff from one pair of jeans to another this morning and apparently I forgot my wallet.

I was going to get a bite to eat from the student center, got up to pay, and my wallet wasn’t in my pocket. I was like “oh crap” but I didn’t really know what to do. I told the lady sorry, i forgot my wallet, and then left my food sitting there and walked away. haha. my keys are on my wallet, so I was locked out. Not a huge deal, but apparently now they require your student ID to give you a spare key…which of course is in my wallet. they quizzed me about my room number and student ID # and roommate’s name and stuff and finally gave me a key.

I’m getting things out of order. I walked out of the student center and headed back to west campus. I was halfway back or so when the wind started blowing so hard it was hard to walk and crap was getting in my eyes and stuff. So needless to say by the time i got to the housing office I was soaked thoroughly. I walked in and they were all freaking out at how wet i was. I’m just glad I had the foresight to move my ibook power adaptor from the outside pocket of my case to my pants pocket….and the foresight to get a neoprene ibook case.

A lot of stuff yesterday and today has left me incredibly drained emotionally. I’m just glad that I’m way too mentally stable to be depressed. I’d try to get some friends together to do something, but I don’t think I’m up to it. I should probably be working on one of my projects right now anyway. Speaking of that, I certainly should be….I was supposed to meet at 2, now that I think of it…but the wallet forgetting and rainstorm kinda screwed everything up. Argh, school needs to stop.

Jan 22

this evening was good, hung out with amanda and holly and her bf, we were dork talking, it was cool. amanda got her ears repierced cause they closed up, she got them at 6. I got 2ga plugs they’re platinum in glass, they’re pretty cool. 5 months ago this past monday I got them done and now I’m finished. next will come double flared 2’s. anyway. who cares. as long as they shrink.

stephen bailed on us

i need to go to bed

Jan 01

all good things…have eeendings

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I just took out my first piercing!  how about that?  i got my ear cartilage in february 2000, so it’s been almost 4 years.  it’s started hurting all the time lately, and needs a stud, but I lost my short stud, so oh well, it’s gone.

I had a decent break, now it’s time to get back to work.  for christmas I got a 250 gig hard drive!  and the two towers extended and um lots of legos (including an 1100 piece set and an old one that I thought I’d never be able to get) and um some jeans and um blank cds and I don’t remember what else.  a bought some shirts from the thrift store and got 3 nice hardbacks for $2.50 from mckay.  and i got a belt from miranda that she was getting rid of.  I got myself gattaca for $7.99.  i drove almost to memphis today to get emily and take her back to school and then i drove to atlanta and i only got like 3 hours of sleep last night but I have to stay awake, because there is only one reason for TV and that is SciFi on January 1st and July 4th of each year: the twilight zone marathon.  my parents were having a new year’s party, there were 20 or 30 people there and so many cars.  it’s not like our house is that big.

rachel got roller coaster tycoon deluxe, man that game is addicting.  I hope it runs under linux.  i borrowed it…the “NoCD” hack is as simple as installing, copying the <CDROM>\Data to <InstallPath>\Data and changing the SetupPath regkey to the same thing as the Path key.

my ear feels funny

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