Jul 22


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Just wanted to let you know, if you didn’t already, that Co&Ca is taking preorders for the Second Stage Turbine Blade “graphic novel.” I’ve put in my $4, now it’s time for you to do so.

i’m excited, for sure

Jun 17

ok now that I’ve been using my awesome Gmail account for a few days (thanks thom!) I gotta write a review.


The searching is lightning quick, I’ll be able to store years’ worth of data without ever having to delete (I have years’ worth in my current mailbox and it’s only 86 megs…less than 9% of Gmail storage), the conversation message view is awesome, the keyboard shortcuts are quick and efficient, the address auto-completion is 31337, and the labels (like folders but better) leave a good taste in my mouth.  The spam catcher is at least as good or better than SpamAssassin on my machine.

Things it needs:

  1. Ability to save drafts
  2. Remote API for new mail notifications
  3. partial word search (searching for “supp” won’t find “support”)
  4. Ability to import mbox files.  I want to move 3 years worth of mail to gmail
  5. Konqueror support
  6. GPG support…at least signing and checking sigs

Anyway, I think it’s gonna be my primary email account now.  Sad but true.

Jun 06


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Cheesy gordita crunches are by far the best thing to happen to fast food since $.79 cheeseburgers @ burger king.

Feb 09

this is too cool for words

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Oct 08

ok so I finally figured out how to make AIM encryption certs, to be used in AIM >= 5.2.  wow aren’t I fancy.  Anyway, you have to have openssl installed.

on gentoo, in the directory /etc/ssl/misc there is a file called CA.sh. This file is also in the openssl source in the /apps/ directory.

go into a directory that you can write to, and do the following:

/etc/ssl/misc/CA.sh -newca
hit enter when it asks for a filename
enter a password when it asks for one (twice), I recommend making all your passwords the same through this process.
put in a country, state, city, and some kind of name (I put progoth.com for organization).  Don’t need to put anything in for organizational unit, put in your name and then put in your email address.
/etc/ssl/misc/CA.sh -newreq
put in a password (twice), a country, a state, a city.  put in your screenname for organization, hit enter on organizational unit name, put in your screenname for common name, and then put in your email address.  hit enter for challenge password and company name.
/etc/ssl/misc/CA.sh -signreq
put in your password from earlier, answer ‘y’ for the next 2 questions.
openssl pkcs12 -export -in newcert.pem -inkey newreq.pem -certfile demoCA/cacert.pem -name screenname -out screenname.p12
put in your password from earlier (3 times)

now you have a .p12 file.  open up aim, and go to Edit Options -> Edit Preferences -> Security (I’m doing this in aim 5.5).  Click Advanced..., click Import..., and select your .p12 file.  Put in your password a few times, click ok a few times and you should now have a nice lock beside your name.

Sep 20

see Memento

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I doubt anybody reads this thing anymore, but if you’re reading this and haven’t seen Memento…see it NOW. get off of your stoopid computer and go rent it. If you’re lucky like I was it’ll still be in the theatre. The medium doesn’t matter, just watch it.

Apr 25


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If you happen to run goofy yahoo messenger or whatever, I’m not progoth.  from circumstancial evidence it looks as if the same person who stole my site’s intro stole my sn, or had somebody else steal it.
I don’t know though
anyway, that’s not me.

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