Dec 19

Jeny came over yesterday and had a surprise of foodstuffs in a bag, which she then cooked for me. It was nice and delicious.

Saturday I went Christmas shopping for some hours. While I was out I went to all the stores with Wiis and asked when they were opening, did they have tickets, how many wiis were they getting, etc. I never want anything for Christmas but this year I finally decided I wanted a wii!

The fellow in the electronics department at target said they were handing out tickets at 7 am, opening at 8 am, and would have about 40 wiis. Since people were already camping at 3pm at best buy, target seemed like my best bet. I wanted to show up at 11 (closing), I ended up not making it until 12 or so. I was still #17 in line, so everything was good.

It was fairly warm for a December night, but still not the best 7 hours sitting on the sidewalk.

They came out at 7 am with 16 tickets for their 16 Wiis that they had to sell and sent everybody else packing.

#15 in line said that he worked at EB and wiis came in sets of 3 to the store, so I have no idea what happened to the other two that they should have received (funnily enough there were 18 of us at 7 am who had been there since midnight).

Anyway. That’ll teach me to stop being greedy.

Off to work, things are exploding and I’m easy to blame.

Sep 04


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how sad about steve irwin.  i always enjoyed watching him

jeny and I had a really fun weekend.  saturday i loaded up a bucket o’ stuff at walmart and we washed our cars.  i’ve never had a car without any dings or chips or anything.  jeny’s car needed a good scrubbing, the amount of black stuff i got off the red paint was insane.

then she cooked me indian food for like 3 hours.  it was delicious and I am fat.

no work tomorrow, that is fantastic.

Aug 16

saturday I went to eric (anderson)’s wedding. The program said jon and ryan cain were both best man. however ryan was not at the front. apparently that morning he and jon wrecked a golf cart and ryan hit his head and had to go to the hospital. he didn’t make it out.

funeral is friday in south carolina. wednesday people from Novell are flying out to meet with us thursday and friday about porting our product to Novell Groupwise. Since that’s my project I really need to be there and it was quite a dilemma but I decided I can’t miss this. I wasn’t best friends with ryan or anything but I have known him for many years and I find that I’m more upset than I’d expect. so anyway of course nobody here gave me a problem about missing the meeting, and perhaps i’ll make some of it. bah


Aug 18

I haven’t been in school since december.  and now it starts.  I am extremely sad.  here’s my schedule.

Feb 27


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In case you haven’t heard yet –

he was a good guy. seriously.

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