Jul 18

this and that and such

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so SOMEBODY suggested i blog more so hey I’ll put in an entry

I got this:

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and I think it’s hilarious.

Today I had to go to court. A few weeks ago jeny and I were heading to an autocross at 8:30 AM on a sunday. there was hardly any traffic, and i was going with 3 or four cars who were all going 75. This is pretty slow for 285, especially since there was no traffic and we were in the 2 fast lanes. There were a lot of police out and we went through at least one speed trap, but since we were only going 75 of course we were fine. The van in front of me slowed down to 73 because of the speed trap, about when I saw a sign for the exit we needed (I had never been on the 285E -> 85 interchange). I sped up and got around the cars I was with in about a second and immediately got lasered…going 89. Anybody who lives around atlanta knows that the fast lane of 285 is consistently 80mph, traffic willing…so it’s not like I was going that fast over normal speed. But of course, since the ridiculous speed limit is 55, I got a ticket for 34 over.

Right now is where I should link to the video that the GSU students did where they blocked 285 by going 55 in every lane, and caused at least one accident that they caught on camera.

Anyway, I have a legal plan through work and I was able to call 5 or 6 lawyers and finally found one that would represent me in DeKalb county and was free for the court date. It was free, and he got the speed lowered to 23 over and no points on my license by using my nolo plea. That’s fine since I don’t make a habit of going ridiculous speeds, I’ll just have to be super careful for the next….5 years.


Jeny and I are fantastic. I actually don’t have anything else to say about that. that’s how I spend a lot of my free time. we have a ton of fun. her brothers had a birthday party with an inflatable water slide, and I scared all the children’s parents by going nuts on it. it was great fun. very very great fun.

i love indian food so much. it’s like, > mexican. and not just chicken tikka masala. I’m pretty sure CTM or maybe chicken makhni is incontrovertible proof that God exists and loves us very much.

we finally got my project shipped at work.  apparently it’s going very well and being used by a couple hundred organizations already.  i’m pleased.

ummm…….that is all for the moment.

Apr 04

I’m never going to graduate

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There is like nothing offered at this school this summer, and I really, really, really want to get out.  Hopefully I can get this gimme management course when they open it up to non-management majors weds morning, but even if i do…it’s at 8am 🙁  There’s no way…but I guess i’ll do it anyway.  Actually all it is is doing excel and html and crap, so hopefully i won’t have to attend class.

I was gonna take EAS 1600, earth and atmospheric sciences…a lab science, 4 hours…not a gimme, but wouldn’t be too bad.  But of course they aren’t offering it this summer, which is bad.  I need 10 hours this summer, 3 humanities and 7 free electives.  Intro to Film isn’t offered this summer, but I did get Science Fiction, so at least it will be mildly interesting.  Management IT is 3 hours, so that leaves me with 4 hours, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  EAS woulda been perfect.  Now I’ll prolly have to take 2 3 hour classes.

My advisor told me I can cross-enroll at Georgia State, and take >=4 hours of short session or maymester class(es), since they’re actually offering classes this summer unlike tech.  But that would be a huge hassle, since I know absolutely nothing about where their classes are and stuff.

Anyway, off to physics lab.

People keep on looking at my laptop when they walk by.

Edit: aaaand management conflicts with my humanity, there’s no other humanity to take, and I have to have the humanity.  So I’m back to square one.  I hate this.

Jun 26

let me tell you my bad news

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I sure did get knocked for a loop this week, computer-wise

saturday i had to boot windows, and it was crashing terribly.  I figured it was time for a drive wipe and reinstall (stupid windows, i hate doing that…I’m just glad linux doesn’t need such stupid babysitting).  I got the drive cleaned off and proceeded to reinstall.  the reinstall kept on crashing….that’s bad.  I went into linux cause i was sick of it, and my computer just restarted out of the blue (that doesn’t happen in linux unless you’ve got bad hardware).

I wrestled with the computer for a while and eventually it was restarting in a 2 or 3 second loop…and i decided it was dead.

Rebooting + windows blue screens on install = bad motherboard … probably.

So I bought a nice but low-feature motherboard…which needed a new processor (cause my processor could have been bad, and I need this machine for getting work done)…and i had to buy all new ram because my old ram is a different type.

so….that was $250.  I got it all in my box on tuesday and wednesday.  rebuilt my computer, started to reinstall windows….failures.  I figured out the drive was bad…..argh.  but that doesn’t explain the restarts, so I’m still hopeful that my motherboard /was/ bad and i didn’t waste $250.

I pull an unused 20 gig drive out of my server and put it in my machine, and get windows installed.  I get windows up and stuff I need installed, and everything’s going great, I’m happy….and the machine restarts.  I just wanted to cry.


got my power supply out, open it up (don’t do that, it can kill you)…and it has blown capacitors.  so really all that I needed was a $40 blowout sale thermaltake power supply.  by this time I really needed my machine, so I bought the $20 overnight shipping….argh.  so $310 and a week later my machine is finally running great with 8x agp and half a gig of ram (which i need to swap for 2×256 or get another 512…dual channel goodness please)…but now I gotta figure out what to do with my abit kt7a-raid + 1400mhz tbird…put it in my server (and worry about cooling…my 333mhz p2 is fanless and silent)…give it to my parents…try to sell it…which i probably couldn’t…

anyway the only reason i post this is cause i should be doing homework…yes to have done before saturday…i hate school.

one good thing, though, is that i’m now listening to the new taking back sunday and it is pretty good.

Feb 09

what a day

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This morning I was running a little late for work. oh well. I was on the street and started hearing a clicking sound that sped up or slowed down with my speed changes. I was a bit worried but my car seemed to be fine. I supposed I got something stuck in a wheel or something. I could hear it coming from the back right. I got on the freeway and went for a while, the clicking stopped all of a sudden and there was the sound of something hitting my car. So I figured whatever it was came out. I was going further and started noticing my car was getting really loud, like I was a stupid kid and a tiny asian 4 cylinder. I started to get worried then. I had a car once where the tailpipe fell off. I figured oh great my whole muffler came off. I drove on and started to smell something, I got over a lane. started seeing smoke…I got in the slow lane. heard an explosion and saw debris flying everywhere behind me…….stopped in the emergency lane. I proceeded to change my blown-out tire in the bitter cold. It was not fun.


The tires were waranteed at sam’s, so I got my mom to fax me the receipt and such and headed to sam’s. the guy there was a real jerk, but I finally got my tire replaced for $38. got out to my car and the spare was packed all nicely back into the trunk…with the jack still sitting in my car. so I had to unpack it all and put the jack in and repack it. blah. and a weird thing is that while he/they were working on my car he/they turned the stereo on. ::shrug::

Oct 29


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I want this week to be over. and next week. I haven’t slept in my bed in days, when I sleep it’s right here in front of my computer for 30 minutes or an hour or 3. I’m averaging about a pot of coffee and a 2 liter of coke a day. the worst part is that most of the time has been wasted because I couldn’t get anything typed. it just wasn’t working somehow. it’s going ok now, though.

I sure love cadillac blindside.

I was at kroger stocking up on cokes (yeah I like pepsi vanilla better but hey for 20% less I’ll drink vanilla coke) and was thinking how idiotic these stupid white (or black) people are that know nothing about asian cultures or languages and whatnot and get retarded tattoos with chinese symbols and crap. how stupid is that. not to mention the fact that if the tattoo artist doesn’t read the language there’s almost no way that what you get put on you means what you think it means. and if they did get an asian tattoo artist (is that possible?) I’m sure they would purposefully write something that means “hi I’m an idiot” instead of “peace love beauty” or whatever they think they’re getting on them.

just had to let off a little bit.

Oct 22

this week: ui design homework, 2 physics homeworks, prob/stats homework, prob/stats test, ui program starting, weekend: 10 page term paper
next week: physics test, 3 physics homeworks, term paper due, ui program at every free moment weekend: finish term paper for final copy due tues, finish ui prog
following monday: ui program due, tues: first out of two tests for telecom

I’m on my last 2 liter of pepsi vanilla, I have no food, time, or money…I miss my friends terribly, at least those that haven’t started hating me because they feel neglected….which is most. I am sick of school, disgusted by it. I thought yeah ok this semester will be hard and terrible, but at least UI design won’t be hard and it’ll be fun. NO IT’S HORRIBLE AND SOOO MUCH WORK AND OUR GRADE IS NOT GOOD AT ALL. prob/stats is next to impossible and I will be doing that for probably 6 hours like last time to eke out a passing grade. anyway, I shouldn’t be whining. at least I have my sanity and health, right? blah, enough time wasted typing this.

Sep 19

Have I mentioned that I hate school?

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I finally printed out 3 pages of Prob/Stats.  Hopefully it’s all right.  check this crap out.  I have no idea what it means, either.  Seeing as it’s 4:30am, and that I got out of class at 4:30pm, and I haven’t done much besides homework…well…yeah.  Anyway, I’m gonna sleep for 4 hours, I suppose.  now I have to make it to these classes to get this stuff turned in.

Sep 19

I have been sitting here since I got home from class doing homework.  hours and hours and hours of it.  physucks took a while….but at least I had a clue.  somehow.  but this prob/stats is really making me mad.  and it has been for a long time.

my company got bought out monday or tuesday for $60M, by our competitor who was suing us.  I’m very worried.  Extremely even.  I try not to think about it, but this could break a lot of plans.  Badly.  I mean I’m trying in school now, but still my GPA is never going to recover.

I was talking to Reed tonight and he outsourced a job to me:)  A small website backend job in PHP that I’ll knock out sunday for $18/hr w/ $100 minimum.  I need it too, I feel as though I’m badly broke.  And I probably am.  Well I just went and checked, and it’s not as bad as I was afraid, but still. I need to buy some health insurance (I’m uncovered at the moment, oops) and my car insurance is due and I feel like there’s something else.  So anyway, working for >= $18/hr at something I enjoy doing is a good thing.  I finally got technical issues worked out with Synchrologic and tried to work yesterday.  John had some stuff for me to do but it was mostly crap, and either impossible or close to it or just plain not worth doing (energy expenditure vs benefit).  So yeah.  PHP work = good.  Plus I need to have money left over to help for spring living, and who even knows if I’m gonna have a job come january??  ack.  I have a lot of skills and I’m a pretty decent programmer (I’ve kind of fallen out of practice with non-scripting languages, but I could pick it back up in 10 minutes), but my grades are awful and the only people who know my worth are Synchrologic people.  Anyway I’m done.  Actually, I’m going to email my manager and probably his manager….I’d almost feel comfortable emailing our (former) CEO since he likes me….anyway I’m gonna email them and ask them how the buyout may affect Co-ops.  If I’m going to be out a job in a couple of months, I need to start looking now.  ARGH what am I thinking, NOBODY will hire a co-op for one semester or even two, especially one with low grades.

Hmm.  I’ve just been thinking out loud.  Don’t read it.  I’m sorry.

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