Nov 17


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I make a really good sourdough-mayonnaise-spicy pickle sammitch, if i do say so myself.

Something pretty crazy happened last night, and I may have huge decisions in my future. It’s scary.

Jul 18

this and that and such

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so SOMEBODY suggested i blog more so hey I’ll put in an entry

I got this:

IMG_1699 IMG_1699 Hosted on Zooomr

and I think it’s hilarious.

Today I had to go to court. A few weeks ago jeny and I were heading to an autocross at 8:30 AM on a sunday. there was hardly any traffic, and i was going with 3 or four cars who were all going 75. This is pretty slow for 285, especially since there was no traffic and we were in the 2 fast lanes. There were a lot of police out and we went through at least one speed trap, but since we were only going 75 of course we were fine. The van in front of me slowed down to 73 because of the speed trap, about when I saw a sign for the exit we needed (I had never been on the 285E -> 85 interchange). I sped up and got around the cars I was with in about a second and immediately got lasered…going 89. Anybody who lives around atlanta knows that the fast lane of 285 is consistently 80mph, traffic willing…so it’s not like I was going that fast over normal speed. But of course, since the ridiculous speed limit is 55, I got a ticket for 34 over.

Right now is where I should link to the video that the GSU students did where they blocked 285 by going 55 in every lane, and caused at least one accident that they caught on camera.

Anyway, I have a legal plan through work and I was able to call 5 or 6 lawyers and finally found one that would represent me in DeKalb county and was free for the court date. It was free, and he got the speed lowered to 23 over and no points on my license by using my nolo plea. That’s fine since I don’t make a habit of going ridiculous speeds, I’ll just have to be super careful for the next….5 years.


Jeny and I are fantastic. I actually don’t have anything else to say about that. that’s how I spend a lot of my free time. we have a ton of fun. her brothers had a birthday party with an inflatable water slide, and I scared all the children’s parents by going nuts on it. it was great fun. very very great fun.

i love indian food so much. it’s like, > mexican. and not just chicken tikka masala. I’m pretty sure CTM or maybe chicken makhni is incontrovertible proof that God exists and loves us very much.

we finally got my project shipped at work.  apparently it’s going very well and being used by a couple hundred organizations already.  i’m pleased.

ummm…….that is all for the moment.

Jan 05

I can’t stop playing this. you should try it. you might get hooked. splash back

Dec 13

Hello world…again

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Wow, it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything. Not that I ever have anything important or interesting to say anyway.

I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy…it’s pretty intense being a software developer. The code I’ve been writing, while not yet in the hands of customers, IS being tested on real data at Novell. So of course it’s been fire after fire to put out, while bug reports from in house are backing up and Novell people are wanting enhancement after enhancement on code that’s not even really done yet. And of course I’m new to this whole software development process and working closely with a lot of different people and relying on them, which sometimes means that due to a mistake/incompetance I get to stay at work all night. Ha do I sound bitter? I’m really actually very glad that I got put on a real project first thing instead of cutting my teeth for months/years doing maintenance coding and bug fixes and crap. We had an annual review, and I haven’t been here long enough to get a raise, but i got to go through the process anyway. It was mostly pretty pointless, but it was kinda good in that my manager….who is very demanding and critical…didn’t say I was doing anything wrong and that I’m outperforming expectations and that they expect a whole lot out of me. He also said something about being the best new graduate developer he’s seen or that we’ve had or something like that. I screw up from time to time and I’m still learning, but it was good to hear.

the heat in my apartment isn’t working. I’m keeping my bedroom door closed and the heat from the heated waterbed / 2 monitors / 3 computers is keeping it tolerable in here. I should probably call and get that fixed…but i’m so very lazy. And I use the other rooms so little… Also, the heat not working quells my urges to turn the heat up and spend even more money on natural gas. however, if I can’t get my few short minutes of hot water every day, there will be problems.

Jul 06

stupid people

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“The day after the Oscars, nominee Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée Alex uproot themselves from the financial security of their fabulous New Yok City lives and move to the struggling heart of the Midwest, Columbus Ohio and work at multiple minimum wage jobs for 30 days.

Their effort to make ends meet is further complicated when Morgan’s nieces come to live with him and he explores first hand what it’s like to feed and support a family while living on a measly $5.15 an hour.”


A very very simple lesson in microeconomics shows that raising minimum wage hurts everybody (the poor the most). Liberals are so silly

Jul 30

absolutely nothing

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go look outside…the moon is really low and huge and cool

while i was just going to put clothes in the dryer i saw a huge rat in the stairwell. well it wasn’t huge but it was pretty big, it was 6 or 7 inches with another 5 or 6 inch tail.

Oct 06

ok anyway I don’t have much to say I don’t guess.

amanda came over and I finally got to see her, it was good.

I got a jacket from 1984 from the thrift store.

I wanted the book Desperation, I found it at the used book store in hardback in perfect condition with beautiful cover art for ONE DOLLAR. yes.

I found 2 aquabats cds at the used book store they make me chuckle.

I have a test tonight.

oh, if you haven’t noticed there’s a subscribe link above. be notified when I post! yay! or something.

I finally got my amazon order from august. anger.

I’m tired.

I met emily’s family this weekend, that was an adventure. it was good, her mom loves me. maybe. I love her anyway.

I’m starving.

new matchbook romance is disappointing. to me. they even managed to make the greatest fall a little bit not as good. it’s on maes/maes2.

Mar 26


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apparently my grandmother is doing really bad. I don’t know what’s gonna happen or what I’m gonna do.

on a lighter note, I made a pretty cool new page that’s accessible under the Download Multimedia link. if you have an account check it out.

Mar 13


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why do i waste my time, why do i make the effort?
nobody’s perfect…
except maybe you.
so how can i meet your standards?
it hurts too much to fail, takes too much to try
every ounce of my heart wants to love you
but the closer i come, the further you push me away…
you allowed me once to look into your eyes…
you let my lips touch yours.
but now we’re back to playing your games…
back to you saying all that you think…
back to me hiding all that i feel…
i want to hold you once again
i dream of hearing you say
“i love you”
but i dream of things that just aren’t real;
things your games keep from happening…
things your heart just won’t allow…
here i sit, pouring out my feelings on this torn sheet of paper
paper staind with tear drops and mistakes
similar to our friendship,
torn apart,
staind with kisses and mistakes…
your deep blue eyes haunt my thoughts as i try to carry on…
try to live without you…
try to live without love…
try to breathe without air…
Feb 24

this and that

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4 ramens a day.
for the rest of my life: ~60 years.
$0.14 per unit of ramen.
60 * 365.24 * 4 * 0.14 = $12,272.10 to eat for the rest of your natural life.

This weekend I went home and went to McKay. I got 8 books and 11 cds for $21. Rock on! I finally have reading material again.

I went to the Saturn dealer at around 9am saturday. I bought a new window switch. Walked out to the parking lot, plugged it in, it didn’t fix my window. Walked back inside, asked to return it. “It’s an electronic part and has been installed. We can’t sell it again.” So there goes $98.

Went right over to the Acura place to test drive an RSX-S. Of course when he found out I wasn’t going to buy one (do I look like I have $24K in my pocket??) he didn’t even bother. So I didn’t get to:( Did get to get in it and play around a little bit. What a beautiful, beautiful machine. he probably also didn’t want somebody who looks like I do into a 200hp 6 speed in the rain. I was really misleading too, I said I was 4th year (not a senior), he asked if I was graduating in may, I said “I’m going extra” he was like “when are you graduating” and I said “I’m graduating in december.” which was true. just not december of this year. oh well. maybe somebody down here will let me do it.

My mom got me 2 new lego sets. I was happy.

I’m working on maes2. Coming along.

Eric’s dad got a brand new Mercedes tuesday. they went out of town, to come back today (sunday). Friday a tree fell on it and crushed it. It was amazing. I mean, a tragedy….but still. I had to stare for a while.

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