Jan 31


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Will wonders never cease? I just got an 8% raise. Well, I just got my first paycheck reflecting the 8% raise I apparently got at the beginning of the semester. Not a huge amount, but it should help with the slight overspending that happened this Christmas ( oops :-[ ). Of course, 2 people in my department (QA) are leaving today….one of which is the only other person working on my project. I like working alone, another consequence of my OCPD:-), but I don’t like picking up other peoples’ code. So I guess I’ll be doing both of our jobs now….quite unfortunate. Well, John just talked to me about 12 seconds ago, and we are going to get somebody else. We’ll see how long I can keep from venturing into his code…

On a totally different aspect of life, drama with Dani is still going strong…but bickering on respective websites is pretty childish, so I’m gonna try my hardest not to do it:-)

Jan 09


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So I haven’t posted in a while.  Oh well.  Any updates?

I’m back at work for the semester.

I got a tattoo.

Progoth.com has a new page.

Progoth.com now runs a Jabber server with all the transport and encryption goodies.  Get your client here or here.  Here is a Jabber Roster (buddy list) editor that lets you make hundreds of changes at once.

I wish I were more interesting…

Nov 21

Last one about squirrels, really

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I had determined to not make any more entries about squirrels, but I just have to. Yesterday I was minding my own business, making my way to my 8am class. I was walking by the place where I always see a few hundred squirrels, and I happened to see a couple of them fighting. Well, who am I to pass up a fight? I stepped off of the sidewalk and sipped my mountain dew. After watching them roll around for a little bit, I realized that it wasn’t two squirrels fighting, it was a squirrel and a bird. The bird was like, flapping one wing around real crazily. So I guess the squirrel got tired of fighting him, or got hurt or something, so he ran a couple of yards away to one of the picnic tables. The bird flapped around a little bit, and so another squirrel decided that he’d have a go. There were quite a few squirrels standing around. Anyway, yeah, the other squirrel jumped in and they fought for a little bit. He stopped, and backed up to the other ones. They all stood there for a little bit, and the bird wasn’t moving. All of a sudden I noticed some feathers falling from the big tree. I took notice, cause that was kind of weird. And then a squirrel came down the trunk of the tree and stopped about 8 feet from the ground. There was another feather coming down with him, and I looked closer. He had a big feather in his mouth…and then he reached up with his paw, pulled the feather out of his mouth, and dropped it. He looked really hardcore. Anyway, I guess that was a signal, because the other squirrels ran up into the tree.

So all of them but one that had been standing on a picnic table ran off and up into the tree. I heard them jump from that tree to another one. Anyway, it was weird. I went to my class and came back an hour later, and there was still a squirrel standing in the exact same spot. I walked over to get a closer look at things and he ran up into the tree. They had to have come down while I was gone, because the bird was moved a little bit. He was really mangled, I had no idea squirrels were that vicious. And I wonder if squirrels weren’t the cause of our “west nile” scare (all the dead birds around campus).

It was fun.

Nov 06

This and That

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I realized coming back from class today that I’m really glad I’m not gonna be cutting grass for a living.  Yeah.

I wrote a utility today that might be useful to somebody else in the world, a US to Dvorak Converter.  Anyway.

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