Dec 19

Jeny came over yesterday and had a surprise of foodstuffs in a bag, which she then cooked for me. It was nice and delicious.

Saturday I went Christmas shopping for some hours. While I was out I went to all the stores with Wiis and asked when they were opening, did they have tickets, how many wiis were they getting, etc. I never want anything for Christmas but this year I finally decided I wanted a wii!

The fellow in the electronics department at target said they were handing out tickets at 7 am, opening at 8 am, and would have about 40 wiis. Since people were already camping at 3pm at best buy, target seemed like my best bet. I wanted to show up at 11 (closing), I ended up not making it until 12 or so. I was still #17 in line, so everything was good.

It was fairly warm for a December night, but still not the best 7 hours sitting on the sidewalk.

They came out at 7 am with 16 tickets for their 16 Wiis that they had to sell and sent everybody else packing.

#15 in line said that he worked at EB and wiis came in sets of 3 to the store, so I have no idea what happened to the other two that they should have received (funnily enough there were 18 of us at 7 am who had been there since midnight).

Anyway. That’ll teach me to stop being greedy.

Off to work, things are exploding and I’m easy to blame.

Sep 04


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how sad about steve irwin.  i always enjoyed watching him

jeny and I had a really fun weekend.  saturday i loaded up a bucket o’ stuff at walmart and we washed our cars.  i’ve never had a car without any dings or chips or anything.  jeny’s car needed a good scrubbing, the amount of black stuff i got off the red paint was insane.

then she cooked me indian food for like 3 hours.  it was delicious and I am fat.

no work tomorrow, that is fantastic.

Jul 18

this and that and such

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so SOMEBODY suggested i blog more so hey I’ll put in an entry

I got this:

IMG_1699 IMG_1699 Hosted on Zooomr

and I think it’s hilarious.

Today I had to go to court. A few weeks ago jeny and I were heading to an autocross at 8:30 AM on a sunday. there was hardly any traffic, and i was going with 3 or four cars who were all going 75. This is pretty slow for 285, especially since there was no traffic and we were in the 2 fast lanes. There were a lot of police out and we went through at least one speed trap, but since we were only going 75 of course we were fine. The van in front of me slowed down to 73 because of the speed trap, about when I saw a sign for the exit we needed (I had never been on the 285E -> 85 interchange). I sped up and got around the cars I was with in about a second and immediately got lasered…going 89. Anybody who lives around atlanta knows that the fast lane of 285 is consistently 80mph, traffic willing…so it’s not like I was going that fast over normal speed. But of course, since the ridiculous speed limit is 55, I got a ticket for 34 over.

Right now is where I should link to the video that the GSU students did where they blocked 285 by going 55 in every lane, and caused at least one accident that they caught on camera.

Anyway, I have a legal plan through work and I was able to call 5 or 6 lawyers and finally found one that would represent me in DeKalb county and was free for the court date. It was free, and he got the speed lowered to 23 over and no points on my license by using my nolo plea. That’s fine since I don’t make a habit of going ridiculous speeds, I’ll just have to be super careful for the next….5 years.


Jeny and I are fantastic. I actually don’t have anything else to say about that. that’s how I spend a lot of my free time. we have a ton of fun. her brothers had a birthday party with an inflatable water slide, and I scared all the children’s parents by going nuts on it. it was great fun. very very great fun.

i love indian food so much. it’s like, > mexican. and not just chicken tikka masala. I’m pretty sure CTM or maybe chicken makhni is incontrovertible proof that God exists and loves us very much.

we finally got my project shipped at work.  apparently it’s going very well and being used by a couple hundred organizations already.  i’m pleased.

ummm…….that is all for the moment.

Jan 24


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I’m pretty much dying and the doctor does not know why. I took a day off from work though. I am not really dying, but apparently my blood pressure is way higher than anybody would expect. the nurse took it 3 times to make sure she wasn’t messing up. I was having a lot of vertigo, like happening 1-3 times every day, but it hasn’t happened in a few days so maybe i just was a little sick in the head. He said it’s not a problem in my brain meats.

Best Buy is having a great deal on 250GB 7200rpm UltraATA100 drives this week….I bought two.

Around bedtime last night I broke my computer / alarm clock. 6 hours and 3 windows installs later it was fixed but today I am tired.

I accidently flushed my ipod last week. I think it might be coming back to life today.

We got polo shirts today with the Intellisync logo on the front and “mobility unlimited” on the sleeve. We’re supposed to be bought out next week.

Jul 06

stupid people

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“The day after the Oscars, nominee Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée Alex uproot themselves from the financial security of their fabulous New Yok City lives and move to the struggling heart of the Midwest, Columbus Ohio and work at multiple minimum wage jobs for 30 days.

Their effort to make ends meet is further complicated when Morgan’s nieces come to live with him and he explores first hand what it’s like to feed and support a family while living on a measly $5.15 an hour.”


A very very simple lesson in microeconomics shows that raising minimum wage hurts everybody (the poor the most). Liberals are so silly

Nov 21

I got a 100 on my term paper on spam. how about that? I must have really convinced somebody of something!

only a few days until I go to ohio for like 5 days. how scary is that?

Oct 30

my daily headache and the realization that…

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well I finally finished my paper. kind of. I still have 2 and a half hours I could use to get one more page. I only have 8 and it’s supposed to be 9-10. but oh well, it’s only supposed to be a rough draft anyway, and I’m sick of it.

now I’m gonna do some work reed gave me to do and make 50 or 100 bucks.

wooo hooo my 52x32x52 cd burner has been delivered. I’m all about some of that. I’ll go to class and get my paper critiqued, pick up my burner and install it, then meet with rusty, then go to bed.

I finished my 2 liter of pepsi vanilla in record time last night. I just got done loading weeks worth of dishes and making my 5 cups of coffee. anyway, I’m gonna get to work. IM me and volunteer to read my paper for me!

Sep 08

OOOOH I forgot.  I also got pierced again.

Amanda used to have quite a few piercings, most of which she got at piercing experience, where I go (if you know me very well, you know how adamant I am about going there:) ).  so anyway, she still has 8ga plugs in her ears, and I was realizing how much I like them.

sooooo…. one night when she slept on my couch, I got back from classes at noon and we went down to PE.  he didn’t have her plugs anymore, so I was kinda sad.  but then he pulls out 8ga glass plugs, and I was like “heck yeah!”  so he shoved 8ga needles through my ears, and yay I had plugs.  it didn’t hurt too bad, I almost wish I got it done at 6.  but whatever.  I do plan on stretching, but only to 4, or maybe 2.  I don’t like huge plugs, and I want them to shrink back when I outgrow piercings in a coupla years.  I went swimming like 3 days in a row just a couple days after getting them, which is a no-no.  And the right ear kept getting hit.  so it stayed pretty swollen, right?  so on like a monday morning I woke up, and the big end of the plug, the front, was sunken inside my ear.  I went to brian as soon as he opened and he shoved it back through, it hurt a lot.  It bled a bit.  emily accidently hit it last saturday when I was in ringgold, and sunday it was back inside my ear when I woke up.  I shoved it back through….it hurt a lot again.  aaaand it happened once again.  but anyway, I think it’s getting close to healing.  my left one sunk in once, but it didn’t bleed.  it’s kinda good, cause it means my earlobes are pretty stretchy.  ANYWAY here’s a crappy cell-phone picture, and I was making a funny face.  and that’s that.

(haha ok I didn’t realize I had already posted a plugs story.  oh well.)

Sep 08

OK I’ve had so much to say, but no time to say it.

most important things first…I’ve been talking to a young lady for a very long time, we are together now and extremely happy.  Her name is Emily,  she’s ultra cute and ultra short and makes me laugh.  Here’s the only picture I have of us at the moment, we were hot and tired and I’m making a funny face.  But anyway, yeah, click it for a bigger version and such.  And I am 9 or 10 inches taller than her.  Anyway, she lives close to my parents, so it’s a weekends relationship for the time being.  That’s almost a good thing, given…

SCHOOL — After 9 months or so away from school, I’m back in it, and let me tell you, it SUCKS.  I’m taking the heaviest courseload I ever have (16 hours), including Physics 2 (again) and Probability & Statistics (again).  Phys2 I failed, and Prob/stats I dropped cause I had this russian grad student that couldn’t teach or speak english.  Well, this time he isn’t a grad student, but he IS russian and he’s quite possibly a worse professor.  And I got this guy I really don’t like for phys2, but maybe he’s not so awful.  guess we’ll see about that.  so anyway, I haven’t seen any of my friends since school started, I am seriously working on homework all day when I’m not in class.  I’m supposed to be doing some right now.  speaking of friends…

For a short while I was actually social!  if you can believe it.  going out all the time, late night trips to suwanee, swimming at 4 am, staying up all night…  since school started though I haven’t done much of anything, it really is quite sad.  starting from the beginning….I was with a girl at applebee’s; two weeks later I get a friendster message from my waitress.  it was crazy.  she remembered what we ate and how much I tipped and stuff.  it was funny.  so she was like “come in and see me” and I said maybe.  Then I said I would.  so not long beforehand, I was talking to this girl Amanda online, who I knew through Dani.  actually I didn’t even know her, we just talked online sometimes, for 6 months or something.  she was talking about how she never hangs out with her friends, and I said “meet me at applebee’s.”  and what do you know, she came (albeit late).  it was interesting meeting her, especially since she’s taller than me.  but we got along really well.  she saw a picture of Stephen on my phone and HAD to have him hang out.  oh, and here’s amanda.  so anyway, to make a long story short, we all hung out all the time and it was great.  and my friend holly got back from europe, and she hung out sometimes, and sometimes lindsay did some hanging out (the waitress from applebee’s).  so anyway that was like the most social I’ve ever been ever, and now it’s kinda over.  amanda was unemployed for a while, me and stephen worked flexible hours, and had no after-hours responsibilities, and weekends were pretty empty.  now amanda’s working all the time, I’m gone on the weekends usually, and I work on schoolwork when I’m not in school (which is many hours every day).  so yeah.  I really miss hanging out with amanda all the time, she’s really one of my favorite people ever.  we just made really good friends.

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