Jan 02


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Got up at 8:00 today….well, 8:07…got ready and got to work at 9. It’s like a new world record, I’m sure. Almost nobody was around so I figured everybody took the day/week off. At noon I messaged sung…who proceeded to tell me that today was a vacation day. I sure had no idea. I sure have no idea why they couldn’t have put that on the 2005 vacation schedule just to make sure people would notice it. I sure have no idea why they made us use 8 hours PTO for last friday but today is vacation. I sure wish I hadn’t awoken this morning.

Oct 22

this week: ui design homework, 2 physics homeworks, prob/stats homework, prob/stats test, ui program starting, weekend: 10 page term paper
next week: physics test, 3 physics homeworks, term paper due, ui program at every free moment weekend: finish term paper for final copy due tues, finish ui prog
following monday: ui program due, tues: first out of two tests for telecom

I’m on my last 2 liter of pepsi vanilla, I have no food, time, or money…I miss my friends terribly, at least those that haven’t started hating me because they feel neglected….which is most. I am sick of school, disgusted by it. I thought yeah ok this semester will be hard and terrible, but at least UI design won’t be hard and it’ll be fun. NO IT’S HORRIBLE AND SOOO MUCH WORK AND OUR GRADE IS NOT GOOD AT ALL. prob/stats is next to impossible and I will be doing that for probably 6 hours like last time to eke out a passing grade. anyway, I shouldn’t be whining. at least I have my sanity and health, right? blah, enough time wasted typing this.

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