Nov 17


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I make a really good sourdough-mayonnaise-spicy pickle sammitch, if i do say so myself.

Something pretty crazy happened last night, and I may have huge decisions in my future. It’s scary.

Nov 13


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This poor kiwi bird cannot fly

Sep 04


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how sad about steve irwin.  i always enjoyed watching him

jeny and I had a really fun weekend.  saturday i loaded up a bucket o’ stuff at walmart and we washed our cars.  i’ve never had a car without any dings or chips or anything.  jeny’s car needed a good scrubbing, the amount of black stuff i got off the red paint was insane.

then she cooked me indian food for like 3 hours.  it was delicious and I am fat.

no work tomorrow, that is fantastic.

Aug 28


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yesterday we went to buffalo wild wings, “we” being jeny and I and mitch and larissa.  mitch and I had a hot eating contest.  we decided to do wings instead of indian.  I only eat boneless wings but it was ok.  I ate 8 “Blazin'” wings without drinking anything.  He got through 2 and a half, and then had to switch to a  milder sauce.  So i won.  Jeny was proud!

I started writing this then forgot about it.  I had more to say, I guess I’ll say more another time.  It was a fun night.  Work is boring.  My new car is boring.  Yay

Jul 20

does anybody remember how hard it used to be to put a dollar in a machine? like it wouldn’t read it? and now they have those self checkout things that suck up whatever you put in there and read what it is just fine and it doesn’t even have to go in a certain way i don’t think.

UPDATE:  my manager just  came and grabbed me and pulled me into a room.  now that we’re nokia and have monies, I got an “achievement award” for getting my project shipped, and its high quality and effort I put in.  awesome.  oh yes, it’s a monetary award.  that is totally sweet.

Jul 18

this and that and such

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so SOMEBODY suggested i blog more so hey I’ll put in an entry

I got this:

IMG_1699 IMG_1699 Hosted on Zooomr

and I think it’s hilarious.

Today I had to go to court. A few weeks ago jeny and I were heading to an autocross at 8:30 AM on a sunday. there was hardly any traffic, and i was going with 3 or four cars who were all going 75. This is pretty slow for 285, especially since there was no traffic and we were in the 2 fast lanes. There were a lot of police out and we went through at least one speed trap, but since we were only going 75 of course we were fine. The van in front of me slowed down to 73 because of the speed trap, about when I saw a sign for the exit we needed (I had never been on the 285E -> 85 interchange). I sped up and got around the cars I was with in about a second and immediately got lasered…going 89. Anybody who lives around atlanta knows that the fast lane of 285 is consistently 80mph, traffic willing…so it’s not like I was going that fast over normal speed. But of course, since the ridiculous speed limit is 55, I got a ticket for 34 over.

Right now is where I should link to the video that the GSU students did where they blocked 285 by going 55 in every lane, and caused at least one accident that they caught on camera.

Anyway, I have a legal plan through work and I was able to call 5 or 6 lawyers and finally found one that would represent me in DeKalb county and was free for the court date. It was free, and he got the speed lowered to 23 over and no points on my license by using my nolo plea. That’s fine since I don’t make a habit of going ridiculous speeds, I’ll just have to be super careful for the next….5 years.


Jeny and I are fantastic. I actually don’t have anything else to say about that. that’s how I spend a lot of my free time. we have a ton of fun. her brothers had a birthday party with an inflatable water slide, and I scared all the children’s parents by going nuts on it. it was great fun. very very great fun.

i love indian food so much. it’s like, > mexican. and not just chicken tikka masala. I’m pretty sure CTM or maybe chicken makhni is incontrovertible proof that God exists and loves us very much.

we finally got my project shipped at work.  apparently it’s going very well and being used by a couple hundred organizations already.  i’m pleased.

ummm…….that is all for the moment.

Jul 09

Perhaps you’d like to try out Zooomr. I did a long time ago when it was brand new but there was some issue if i recall correctly. I’m giving it another try, and a free Pro account wouldn’t hurt either…

I’ve been thinking about trading in amber:

IMG_0980IMG_0980Hosted on Zooomr

I need an economy car. But I crunched the numbers and I just can’t do it right now, even with the savings on gas and maintenance. Oh well.

Jul 07

I would like to drive this one time

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That is all

Bugatti Veyron

Mar 21

uncle richard, me, and james earl jones

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I NEED one of these.  It’s so awesome I can’t even believe it.  Actually I want blue and red.  I’m not going to order one though…after I spent SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS on my car last week.

Thursday night I was on Mansell road when an idiot in an Audi decides he’d come into my lane with me.  I say “he,” but I have no idea.  It could be a woman.  Whatever.  So he shoots into my lane as I simultaneously lay on the horn, slam on the brakes, and swerve to the right.  Well, right where I swerved just happened to be one of those low concrete traffic director things (triangle shaped, saying to turn in and out of the gas station).  My car started beeping and the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) light came on.  I have no idea what happened to the Audi.  I turned off at a BP right down the street and looked at the damage, my rear passenger tire was literally ripped up the side, and both passenger side wheels/rims were slightly damaged.  Not damaged badly enough to need replacing, thankfully ($$$$$$$$$$$), but it’s really annoying.  The front passenger tire has a little bit of rubber gone, but I believe it is fine.

Anyway I called Mazda roadside assistance who called and paid for AAA to tow me.  Lorena was kind enough to keep me company for a little bit while I was waiting and take me home.  I got to drive my car backwards onto the tow truck!  It was fun.  Then we watched Casablanca and it was excellent like always.

Friday morning at 8 I got up and WALKED to the Mazda dealership where my car was.  I guess I could have gotten some other arrangement, but it was only a 20 minute walk and I’m sure I could use it.  I had them put a new tire on the driver side too, because both of my rear tires were pretty much dead.  Tires were $237 apiece, had to pay $80 for alignment because I hit the concrete, and $100 for labor.  Also I had to sit at the dealership for hours.  Also I had to call into a conference call right as my car was getting done, and it was kind of embarassing for me cause I looked stupid to the folks on the conference call and felt rude to the Mazda folks for trying to transact business on the phone.  But anyway.  It’s all over.  I think the Audi should be responsible for all of that minus the rear driver tire, but he was long gone in true Atlanta driver fashion.  Oh well.  I’m getting back to work now.

Emotron tonight$!!#@!#  Also I have been listening to The Format almost nonstop.

Mar 13

lorena is awesome

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