Mar 01

we get br0ed

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(11:44:34 AM) Vanessa Long: oh – no taco hell for me
(11:44:37 AM) Vanessa Long: thank you
(11:44:41 AM) Tim Miller: taco *hell*?
(11:44:45 AM) Tim Miller: no way
(11:44:45 AM) delectableramen: /ahem
(11:44:54 AM) Vanessa Long: grrrr
(11:44:55 AM) Tim Miller: more like taco temple of deliciousness and value

Feb 15

ooooh neat

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RX-8 Goodness

Feb 08

joyous occasions

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I have finally acquired the object of my lustings for the past __ years! It is a gorgeous 2004 Mazda RX-8: 238hp RWD 6 speed, red & black leather, heated front seats, power driver’s seat, power sunroof, Bose audio, 18″ alloy wheels, spoiler, fog lights…oh it is amazingly amazing. There’s a front air dam i’ll consider putting on that I always wanted, and I’m looking into iPod connectivity options…but it is still lovely, and also I am broke at the moment….ha.

It was raining when I got it, so it hasn’t been washed/waxed/detailed yet, but I will be having them do that next week. Perhaps I shall take better pictures then. I took some crappy nighttime pictures and I shall include them because uh I can.

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Now for the depressing picture. The text in blue is where I wrote down how many miles I had gone since my last fill up.

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For those of you who are not mathematically-inclined, that does in fact mean that I got less than 12.5 miles per gallon.

It was a very good 110 miles though 🙂

Jan 24


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I’m pretty much dying and the doctor does not know why. I took a day off from work though. I am not really dying, but apparently my blood pressure is way higher than anybody would expect. the nurse took it 3 times to make sure she wasn’t messing up. I was having a lot of vertigo, like happening 1-3 times every day, but it hasn’t happened in a few days so maybe i just was a little sick in the head. He said it’s not a problem in my brain meats.

Best Buy is having a great deal on 250GB 7200rpm UltraATA100 drives this week….I bought two.

Around bedtime last night I broke my computer / alarm clock. 6 hours and 3 windows installs later it was fixed but today I am tired.

I accidently flushed my ipod last week. I think it might be coming back to life today.

We got polo shirts today with the Intellisync logo on the front and “mobility unlimited” on the sleeve. We’re supposed to be bought out next week.

Jan 19


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A quote from TIM MILLAR about a …middle eastern / indian… coworker who sent me a bug that isn’t in my code:

(15:43:06) Tim Miller: tell him to hop on his flying carpet and to fly back to legitimate bug land!

and another quote:

(15:25:42) Sung Whang: i want that for lrnch

Jan 11


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I just ordered this fine piece of apparel


Jan 05

I can’t stop playing this. you should try it. you might get hooked. splash back

Jan 02


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Got up at 8:00 today….well, 8:07…got ready and got to work at 9. It’s like a new world record, I’m sure. Almost nobody was around so I figured everybody took the day/week off. At noon I messaged sung…who proceeded to tell me that today was a vacation day. I sure had no idea. I sure have no idea why they couldn’t have put that on the 2005 vacation schedule just to make sure people would notice it. I sure have no idea why they made us use 8 hours PTO for last friday but today is vacation. I sure wish I hadn’t awoken this morning.

Dec 27

twilight zone

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so…there are only two days a year when I would choose to turn on a tv, and that is 4th of july and december 31st / january 1st. Twilight zone plays all night and day. my twilight zone plans this year have fallen through so if you have the scifi channel and a place for me to camp for about 24 hours let me know, i will be very grateful. yes, i am a cable mooch. greatful? no i think it’s grateful. i am not sure. i should eat food but i have not felt like it all day. i was supposed to see my friend today and she never answered her phone. grr. i think i shall go read my reading club book, even though my club consists of me and me.

Dec 26

I erased the last month or two of posts. It is too bad we can’t do that with our lives, no?

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