Contrary to popular belief, the handle “Progoth” has nothing to do with the gothic subculture/cult/whatever. One day in, uh, 11th (?) grade I was settling down for a nice multiplayer game of StarCraft against Eric, I believe. I thought to myself, “Hmm, what’s a good new name? An intimidating name? A name that strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies?” So my fingers started moving, and the next thing I saw on the screen was “Progoth the Conqueror”. Aha! What a marvelous name! I’ve done searches through various places, and have never found any matches/hits for “progoth.” Aha! Originality! So after a few weeks in college, bored with the ancient Bodoni26 handle, I started using the Progoth handle. By the time I got Linux up and running well, with my web server and all, the handle had stuck. And so there you are.

Three years after that text was written I read it. It’s retarded. But it’s true. The joys of being in high school…. Now I don’t usually go by the name progoth, because people think I’m goth or trying to be. So I come up with new names. Such as DelectableRamen or IDontLikeGrits. Just because.
And how things have changed. I was booting Linux off of a floppy whenever the urge to be different struck me. Now I’ve got a beatiful desktop in Linux with basically everything I ever need out of a computer, and I only resort to Windows for entertainment from games I don’t have on Linux. And I’m rambling about totally dorky stuff, even though I’m not a huge dork like half of the people at Tech. Only a big dork.

And now it’s 5 or 7 years later and even the explanation is ridiculous. I’m slowly trying to move to more grownup names, but…it’s a hard process.

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