I have a habit of starting programming projects, getting them to a point where they work, at least for me, and then abandoning them. Perhaps with more exposure I could get some help. They’re basically all open source or public domain and I usually/always have a public Subversion repository available. So here’s a list of the ones I can think of at the moment.

My Projects

iSnooze sits in your system tray and lets you schedule times for iTunes to start playing. Spacebar activated snooze, configurable snooze time, gradual volume increasing, multiple alarm schedules, playlist selection, temporary pausing when you reach your computer to give you time to shut it off…why I daresay iSnooze has it all!
An interactive AJAX-powered remote shell for your web browser in PHP.
This is a PHP web application which interfaces with Amazon web services and allows you to catalog and organize your books, and set up a small-group lending library.
My most popular project to date. Web application written in Perl. It is terrible. Absolutely terrible. It does fulfill a job, though. I am trying to replace it, but lose interest more and more every day.
There’s no website for this yet, because it’s nowhere close to being done. However, I haven’t worked on it in a long time, and it is in a functioning state. It has actually had a couple of installations besides on my own server. Oh, it is a PHP web application. See the website for MÆS to get the general gist. However, the only feature this
one has is browsing well-tagged archives…although it does it pretty nicely.
AudioScrobbler is cool, so I wrote a class that is extremely simple to integrate into any KDE-based application to make it report to AudioScrobbler. It was very easy to integrate this into JuK, despite its lack of plugin support.
A silly program for messing with people on AIM.

Coming Soon

iTunes is awesome, I wish it was available for Linux. I’ve been stuck in Windows since I upgraded my motherboard, so…I had to code.
If you use any other tools besides iTunes to organize your mp3s, iTunes’ database can get out of sync with reality- duplicates, missing songs, stale streams, old ID3 information. iTunesCleaner attempts to fix all this by combining duplicates, removing missing songs, and optionally removing streams. This program is very close to being ready for public consumption. Not hard to find the code if you look, though.
I’m really excited about this one, even though I really don’t like Windows. I have been coding on Windows, though, and I have to at work. Accessing the registry is such a pain, why should it be so hard to save and store settings? Well it isn’t anymore, once I finish testing this and release it. If you’re familiar with STL maps, you can now access the Windows registry with ease.


I make very small tweaks to this code, as well as hosting the repository and website. It’s a cool program…when it gets worked on.
I have one patch accepted into Python, with hopefully one coming up for the Python win32 extensions. Woohoo.
I’m pretty sure I have a patch or two in this library, and I know I’ve sent him one that is not released yet. Pretty nice class for using PCRE from C++.
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